Bohnice – Pet cemetery

All Saints Day is a perfect time to bike through the Bohnice area and visit the Pet Cemetery or Pietní Park. It is not accepting new “customers” because it has been full for years. Even so, there were lit candles and fresh flowers on pet’s graves that had deceased years ago. The pet owners were required to plant a tree next to the grave and the place is quite dense with so many various types of trees. Former president, Václav Havel had his dog buried there. Polly has written about Czech cemetery traditions and this place earlier.

Across from this place is the old abandoned German cemetery which will give you an idea of what happens to the cemetery when the people stop coming to take care of the graves for several decades. But you should visit only during daylight, at night it could be scary – there’s a reason they call this one of the scariest cemeteries in Prague (satanic rituals were reported there in 2008).

Due to colder weather we decided to take a short ride from our place to check the recently opened new bridge constructed on the place where the old pedestrian bridge collapsed several years ago.  Rather than go along the river we went straight up and meandered through the Prague 8 district and returned via trail along the river. 18km 200m elevation gain

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