About our bikes

We had been thinking of E-bikes for a few years but didn’t know if we had the time to really make them worth the cost. But at 2020 we had LOTS of time so it finally made sense.  We had already biked parts of the country on regular bikes but mostly in the flatter areas and along rivers. Investing in the E-bikes was a real game changer in the areas we would go.

Before investing so much money we knew we should rent some bikes for the weekend and really see if we liked them and more importantly if we could load them inside of our car given how heavy they are as we don’t have a rack on the back of the car. It only took one day and we were hooked on the feeling that our bikes would take us straight up steep hills.

We traded in our old bikes for two new Apache e-bikes. Mine is a 2019 Apache Yamka MX-1 with a Bafang Motor and Michal has the Apache Tuwan MX-1 model. Both use the Apache battery which states it can last up to 160km. We have come to know more exactly how long the battery lasts given so many different variables.  Our longest trip to date is 73k all flat, but we have run the battery to zero on a few occasions involving long climbs uphill.

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