E-Bike Resources

You may have come to this page because you are interested to find out whether it makes sense to invest in an electric bike or just being curious about what you can do with it or where you can find information about it. So, you are in the right place. We have looked for interesting places on internet where you can find all kinds of info for total beginners, or where you can get inspired about how far you can push your e-bike.

So, lets start with the economy of bike ownership. Here is the simple Excel spreadsheet which can tell you whether you should own or rent an E-bike. Just click on the link or the picture below and download the spreadsheet to your computer. (Magically, it works with any currency and with km or miles!)

We live in The Czech Republic and we like to promote Czech manufacturers of E-bikes

Well, if you are not buying, then you can consider renting for a short trip or for a vacation

Other E-bikes available in Czech Republic

Several of many local E-bike stores

How to …



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