Adršpach, Eastern Bohemia

Adršpach is a small village in the North Eastern part of Czech Republic bordering with Poland. We parked at the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks Nature preserve and paid to walk among these very unusual sandstone rocks. It did not disappoint us with the massive stones. You don’t need more than two hours to visit the park and youContinue reading “Adršpach, Eastern Bohemia”

Mariánské Lázně and Kynžvart, Western Czechia

Mariánské Lázně is in the far West region of Czech Republic close to the German border. The main attraction is the many mineral springs (over 100) which gave rise to spa popularity. Similar to the Karlovy Vary town which is also famous for spas and the annual film festival, Mariánské Lázně is more low key.Continue reading “Mariánské Lázně and Kynžvart, Western Czechia”

Špindlerův Mlýn in Krkonoše Mountains, Northern Czechia

Špindlerův Mlýn is busy at any season. In the winter it is a top destination for skiers and in the summer there are swarms of tourist trying to find the best hiking path. The town is more like a resort area with plenty of restaurants and accommodations. You might see a tall guy dressed inContinue reading “Špindlerův Mlýn in Krkonoše Mountains, Northern Czechia”

Boží Dar, Northern Czechia

A bike ride around Boží Dar in Krušné hory became one of our favorite rides. In this very quiet area you will be riding through deep forests and lush meadows time to time touching borders of Germany. Passing other bike riders you would never know whether they would greet you “Ahoj” or “Guten tag”. QuiteContinue reading “Boží Dar, Northern Czechia”

Orlické hory – Northeastern Bohemia

Orlické hory (or Eagle Mountains) are located on the border with Poland and most of the area is designated protected landscape area. The highest point is Velká Deštná (1115 m). We found the accommodation in a village Říčky and our landlord recommended the ride on the top of the range (hřebenovka). We added the visitContinue reading “Orlické hory – Northeastern Bohemia”

Beskydy – Valašská Bystřice

Not too far from the industrial town of Ostrava lies the Moravian–Silesian Beskyds mountains with a small part reaching Slovakia. It lies on the historical division between Moravia and Silesia, hence the name. Using the site called Amazing Places in Czech Republic ( we found a place to stay at the last minute in aContinue reading “Beskydy – Valašská Bystřice”

Beskydy – Šance Dam

The Beskydy Mountains are also known as the Beskid Mountain or Beskids for short.  This is a massive mountain range (outer part of the Carpathians) that covers 600 km in length and crosses from Poland to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Ukraine. The area we wanted to explore is about a 6 hour driveContinue reading “Beskydy – Šance Dam”

Lednice, Southern Moravia

The village of Lednice is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Moravia. It is not permitted to bike through the beautiful park – with a small exception, which of course we utilized. This easy trip will lead you through relatively flat countryside at times following the meandering blind branches of the Dyje river.Continue reading “Lednice, Southern Moravia”

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