Kbely, Prague

Sometimes choosing the destination first and then planning the route around is the best. This time we decided to have lunch at the Kbelsky Pivovar (http://kbelskypivovar.cz/) in Prague 19. Unlike the previous Únětice brewery we visited which was founded as early as 1557. The Kbelsky brewery is very modern and new (opened in 2019).  TheyContinue reading “Kbely, Prague”

Prague parks and Únětice

We don’t usually start a bike ride from our house given we live in the center of Prague and really hate the traffic but we wanted to go for lunch in Únětice brewery. It turned out to be a 45 km ride through a surprising number of different parks of Prague and surroundings. This rideContinue reading “Prague parks and Únětice”

Radotín and Berounka – Central Bohemia

Well, if you want to start your bike ride on an appropriate place, then start at the Ski and Bike Centrum Radotín (http://www.skiservis.cz/). They will let you park at their parking lot and you should definitely visit their warehouse (especially if you want to drop a lot of money on the next bike of yours)Continue reading “Radotín and Berounka – Central Bohemia”

Králický Sněžník, Northern Moravia

One of the most enjoyable rides was in Králický Sněžník, a natural mountain park in northern Moravia. We found a very small parking lot on the side road in the village of Velká Morava belonging to the penzion and restaurant, Horal. It is advisable to ask them for permission to park, but if you promiseContinue reading “Králický Sněžník, Northern Moravia”

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