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There are many resources for Czech bicycling enthusiasts, but not that many for the “expats” living here. There are also just maps without any comments about what to see and what to expect if you choose the ride. So, we are trying to add something to the mix following our “rules”:

  • We value visiting interesting areas
  • We are trying to avoid riding on regular roads with a lot of traffic
  • We are not riding to break speed records, but rather enjoy the scenery and engage in our other hobbies – photography and geocaching
  • We envision that you may try the same ride and we strive to make it “ready to go” for you by checking alternatives and commenting on the difficult parts or parts which do not perfectly correspond to the map.
  • If we consider something risky, we would tell you.
  • Every piece of the trip was ridden by us, unless we specifically mention that it was not the case (we suggest alternative, or did not have time to test that particular piece).
  • We use as the basic mapping tool and select the route from there. Then we check with and correct our ideas with their mapping of bike paths. After we come home, we modify the mapped routes based on the in terrain experience. (If we find problems in the mapping, we report it to and they usually respond with their corrections very quickly.) 
  • We are bicyclists with some experience and look for adventure that is safe even for a little older people.
  • If the terrain seems a little risky, we prefer to walk the piece and not risk blood on legs and arms.
  • On the other hand, we use mountain bikes and are doing rides which we probably would not recommend for regular bikes.

To be able to ride the same path we are talking about, you need to have the application installed on your phone – then you just open our blog and click on the link for the ride map. After that just select “Navigate” and follow the directions. 

Disclaimer #1: We do not claim to be expert bikers or guarantee you will have as much fun as we do. We caution everyone to be safe and ride at their own skill level.

Disclaimer #2: If you use the other language mutation of this page than English, we cannot guarantee that everything what you read makes sense in the chosen language. It is (up to now) only automatic translation by Google

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