Recent Rides

  • Bryce Canyon on E-bike
    The major advantages of coming to Bryce Canyon National Park with your e-bike are – the fact that you can get to the viewpoints much faster than with the car, you don’t have to fight for a parking spot and you don’t have to pay the entrance fee. We did not have our bikes, soContinue reading “Bryce Canyon on E-bike”
  • Testing Lectric Foldable E-bike
    Well, we say testing, but we actually bought it. So, testing is over, we own it. And it is pretty cool… Lectric is not a typo, it is really the name of the company. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona, and when you want to see the bike before you buy it, you have toContinue reading “Testing Lectric Foldable E-bike”
  • Brdy – Loop from Zaječov
    We thought that we explored Brdy very comprehensively already. However, this E-bike trip showed us that we are still not done. We started from Zaječov, where we found very convenient parking lot. The trip has an interesting elevation profile with close to 1km elevation gain. When you reach the top of the climb for theContinue reading “Brdy – Loop from Zaječov”
  • Žižkov to Klánovice
    End of the summer ride from Žižkov to Klánovice and back. We rode many times through Karlín, Vysočany, and Žižkov, but never extended the ride to areas beyond Černý Most all the way to Klánovice. After you cross under highway D0, you may be mistaken that you are somewhere in the Brdy area. The onlyContinue reading “Žižkov to Klánovice”
  • Rožmitál pod Třemšínem – Brdy
    We wanted to complete our exploration of Brdy by covering the southwesternmost part of this mountain range. We visited Rožmitál pod Třemšínem earlier, but never got to the top of Třemšín. So, this was the day to fix that omission. You can usually park on the square in Rožmitál, but this time all the parkingContinue reading “Rožmitál pod Třemšínem – Brdy”
  • Hinterhermsdorf – Sachsische Schweitz
    Another ride through the national park. From Bad Schandau to Hinterhermsdorf and back – this time you will stay on the German side of the border. National Park Saxon Switzerland is almost a carbon copy of Czech Switzerland, but a little more “tourist infested“. We combined this ride with the ride in Czech Switzerland andContinue reading “Hinterhermsdorf – Sachsische Schweitz”
  • Doubice – Czech Switzerland
    There are two parts of the beautiful landscape Czech Switzerland (České Švýcarsko) and Saxon Switzerland Mountains (Sächsische Schweiz). This E-bike trip will bring you to a pieces of both. And if you are not paying attention, you will not even notice going from Czechia to Germany and back. You will start at the convenient parkingContinue reading “Doubice – Czech Switzerland”
  • Suchdol to Velenice
    A pleasant E-bike trip with no significant part on bumpy concrete panels that are so common around Třeboň. Finding a parking spot in Suchdol is not a big problem, in the worst case you can use the Penny’s parking and become a customer there. We usually avoid regular roads, but it was inevitable here. However,Continue reading “Suchdol to Velenice”
  • Třeboň
    Třeboň is the place where all bikers go when they don’t want to ride uphill at all. We were coming here before we had E-bikes, so we had to try it again. We arrived late in the evening, but we still had time to go for a short ride. As we did report on TřeboňContinue reading “Třeboň”
  • Lázně Jeseník and Rychlebské Hory
    This E-bike trip could be called Raspberry ride, because they were everywhere… And no people for most of the ride. So, plenty raspberries for us (and you, if you follow us there quickly).  Well, we saw people, but they were riding different bike paths. As you can see from the map, there is a lotContinue reading “Lázně Jeseník and Rychlebské Hory”
  • Longest Suspension Bridge in the World
    Well, they say it is the longest suspension bridge. So, we had to check it. It is in the area of Kralický Sněžník where we did ride before and did not even notice that anything like that was being constructed. And it is impressive – and completely useless – well, if you consider the factContinue reading “Longest Suspension Bridge in the World”
  • Checking HOLKA, the new bridge in Prague
    Opening the new bridge anywhere is a big deal. So, we were not surprised that the traffic on the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Prague was super busy this Saturday. And, yes, it is perfectly placed on our favorite loop through Prague neighborhoods. And it is named appropriately Holka (means a girl in Czech),Continue reading “Checking HOLKA, the new bridge in Prague”
  • Ještěd and Kryštofovo Údolí
    Kryštofovo Údolí was recently pronounced to be a village conservation zone, that is a protected heritage area. And it is well deserved, the village is really perfectly maintained. We found a perfect lodging at the place “U Uhlířů“, an old typical village house transformed into a pension and restaurant. Mrs. Houšková will make your stay specialContinue reading “Ještěd and Kryštofovo Údolí”
  • Hot day = Lhota lake
    We have described this E-bike trip earlier, but let us add some comments: Many beaches along the path, however the best is lake Lhota. Busy on weekends, but in any case, use the free access at point 9. As you can see below, the official beach is much busier than the free one. Careful atContinue reading “Hot day = Lhota lake”
  • Milešov – České středohoří
    The Bohemian Central Highlands (České středohoří) is the area which we neglected up to now. So, it was the high time to fix that. We started our E-bike trip from Milešov, a village under the highest mountain of this mountain range Milešovka. Even though some people get to the top with their bikes, we didContinue reading “Milešov – České středohoří”
  • Mnichovice – Voděradské bučiny
    One of our followers suggested that we go back to Voděradské bučiny and give it another look. Our earlier E-bike trip started from Jevany, but this time we found the parking lot on Masaryk square in Mnichovice. There was a little path overlap, but since we run it in the opposite direction, we did notContinue reading “Mnichovice – Voděradské bučiny”
  • Rakovník – Křivoklát
    This is a very simple E-bike trip which you can do on any type of bike. Just enjoy following the little stream of Rakovnický potok from Rakovník all the way to Křivoklát castle. And if you did not visit this castle, you may do it on this trip. You will be riding through a wideContinue reading “Rakovník – Křivoklát”
  • Prague circle and Třešňovka
    Our favorite loop through Prague, which we described already several times. However, we discovered several points which are urgently reported right now (end of June). There is “Třešňobraní” (Cherry picking) at point 21! And from 25th of June it is free for all! And as we can report, there is still a lot of cherriesContinue reading “Prague circle and Třešňovka”
  • Brdy – The Kingdom of Digitalis
    Yes, Brdy mountain range is taken over during June by Digitalis purpurea, called Náprstník červený in Czech. So, if you want to see fields and fields of flowering Digitalis, this is the time to go to Brdy. You cannot miss them, they are everywhere. We started this E-bike ride at the convenient parking lot atContinue reading “Brdy – The Kingdom of Digitalis”
  • Beroun and Nižbor
    Riding through “green tunnels”, open fields, and along the river. There is plenty places to park your car in Beroun, or even coming by train from Prague and not having to look for parking. As usual, we were trying to avoid riding on regular roads, but in this case it was unavoidable. The first off-roadContinue reading “Beroun and Nižbor”
  • Ansbach
    Very easy E-bike trip on the way back from Holland. We stopped at Rothenburg ob der Tauber, very nice town with medieval flair, but we stayed at Lehrberg in hotel Dorfmuhle, operated by a very nice and relaxed couple. We were actually checked in and checked out by a German shepherd – the only aliveContinue reading “Ansbach”
  • Riding around The Netherlands
    Well, if you would like to find out how is riding your bike in Holland, rent a boat, put the bikes on board and every evening after mooring, get a bike and ride around. At least that was what we did… And you will see this beautiful country from the canals and from the bestContinue reading “Riding around The Netherlands”
  • To the heart of Harz
    For our first E-bike trip in Germany we selected as starting point the town of Schierke. If you would happen to be somewhere around here do not miss the oportunity to visit also Wernigerode. Even though it was stuck in the East Germany for almost two generations, you will be hard pressed to find anyContinue reading “To the heart of Harz”
  • Bad Lauterberg
    Another E-bike trip we took in German National Park Harz started from the town of Bad Lauterberg im Harz. We already knew that to expect nice asphalt bike paths is not reasonable, but we were still for a rude awakening. So, definitely take a mountain bike! Ride starts along the lake on a river OderContinue reading “Bad Lauterberg”
  • Milovice
    For this E-bike trip you can use a train connection to Milovice from Praha Masarykovo nádraží. The trip takes about 40 minutes and you can start your ride there on the map point 22. The strange construction there is the automated bicycle storage, where you can leave your bicycle 24 hours for 5 Czech crowns.Continue reading “Milovice”
  • Modrava/Poledník (west loop)
    This is the E-bike trip idea which you can combine with some of our other trips in Šumava, especially with the Modrava east loop. The total would be just over 60 km, totally doable on an electric bike. We stayed at hotel Modrava so it made sense to do this trip with our visiting familyContinue reading “Modrava/Poledník (west loop)”
  • Modrava/Kvilda (east loop)
    This is the E-bike trip idea which you can combine with some of our other trips in Šumava, especially with the Modrava west loop. The total would be just over 60 km, totally doable on an electric bike. We stayed at hotel Modrava so it made sense to do this trip with our visiting familyContinue reading “Modrava/Kvilda (east loop)”
  • Josefův Důl – Jizera Mountains
    We found a good parking spot for this E-bike trip loop in front of the hotel Peklo (Hell). And it could be the best characterization of the starting climb to the top of Jizerské hory, or the very last 800m of the ride. Anyway, with the electric bike it is doable, but I would likeContinue reading “Josefův Důl – Jizera Mountains”
  • Malé Karpaty, Slovakia
    It was surprising to find out that miles and miles of bike paths are available just five minutes from the Bratislava center. As we quickly realized, it is important to pay attention to the traffic signs and do not depend entirely on the phone navigation – yes, you can drive your car pretty high inContinue reading “Malé Karpaty, Slovakia”
  • Želízy – Kokořínsko
    This is the E-bike ride for people who already know Kokořínsko and want to see it from a little different perspective. If it is your first visit, pick one of several rides we already reported here or especially the long one described here. We started on a parking lot operated by Mrs. Šimůnková, just becauseContinue reading “Želízy – Kokořínsko”
  • Keszthely, Hungary
    So, finally we left the boundaries of Czechia and try other countries of the European Union – Slovakia and Hungary. Our excuse to go to Hungary was the visit of Hévíz, the town with the largest biologically active natural thermal lake in the world. And lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe. It wasContinue reading “Keszthely, Hungary”
  • Peklo, Zahrádky u České Lípy
    We call this E-bike ride “Around Hell” because it will lead you around natural preserve called Peklo, which in Czech means Hell. If you will have more time, you can walk through that narrow valley following the red mark as we did earlier. The best time to visit this location is during March when itContinue reading “Peklo, Zahrádky u České Lípy”
  • Nový Knín
    Not much went according to the plan on this E-bike trip. Not even one km into the trip Polly tore the tire and punctured the inner tube. Fortunately we had a spare and luckily the tire held for the rest of the trip. Then we got lost and had to walk along a freshly plowedContinue reading “Nový Knín”
  • Buštěhrad, Lidice, Kladno
    Very uneventful ride on a nice spring day. Parking was easy next to the playground on a quiet street in Buštěhrad, a nice small town with quite a rich history. If you have never been to Lidice, you should visit the memorial to the victims of the terror of the WWII, especially the children’s memorialContinue reading “Buštěhrad, Lidice, Kladno”
  • Natural Preserve Zámky – Winter walks
    A short walk for winter weather. A sunny afternoon would be an ideal situation for this walk. You can start at a small parking lot in front of the animal cemetery if you arrive by car, or at point 5 (Zámky) if you arrive by bus. You can read about the animal cemetery or theContinue reading “Natural Preserve Zámky – Winter walks”
  • Přemyšlení
    A rather short ride in Prague neighborhoods and along the Vltava River. (For learning about the Prague neighborhoods, check the video created by our friend, the famous video blogger Jen of Prague.) You can start at the parking in front of the Písecká brána, the gate from the medieval times’ fortification of Prague. This historicalContinue reading “Přemyšlení”
  • Mirošov, Brdy
    This was one of the nicest rides in Brdy. Well, most of the rides in Brdy are pretty pleasant, even in winter. But sometimes you can get into tricky situations even here… We started in Mirošov and took a little detour through Dobřív, where you can visit the unique technical rarity – vodní hamr (water-poweredContinue reading “Mirošov, Brdy”
  • Únětice
    An interesting short loop with a break for lunch at the Únětice brewery. We rode it earlier and we would not recommend this for the ride today with the fresh snow on the ground. Especially the part from 4 to 5 that was steep down and slippery already then… Rather walk your bike down unlessContinue reading “Únětice”
  • Kvilda Loop – Šumava
    This was one of our favorite rides in Šumava. Starting from Kvilda, going through Modrava, along Modravský potok to the top of Šumava and along the border to Knížecí Pláně. Starting from the parking in Kvilda you can join the yellow tourist mark basically following the asphalt road. It is a much bumpier ride, butContinue reading “Kvilda Loop – Šumava”
  • Šumava – Strážný
    Another ride through German side of Šumava.  This time “halb und halb”, half on the Czech side, half in Germany. This time only a short path was really steep uphill but in the end a nice reward of a long ride downhill. A very short part of this trip is on the side of aContinue reading “Šumava – Strážný”
  • Železná Ruda – Šumava
    We have explored Šumava quite thoroughly (see our earlier blogs), but we never crossed to the German side. And, of course, it would not be Šumava but Bayerisher Wald. So, we had to do it. We started from Železná Ruda, the village just on the border with Germany, famous for the large population of beavers,Continue reading “Železná Ruda – Šumava”
  • Chotouň
    We returned here to check how this ride will be in the autumn and not in the winter when ice covered the slopes… And we modified the previous ride which started from Jílové. Start was at the small parking lot at Chotouň, usually busy during the ski season, but the temperature climbed to almost 20Continue reading “Chotouň”
  • The new Černý’s Piece in Prague
    Of course, we had to go there as soon as they put the head on the top of the largest statue in Prague. Taller than Žižka on Vítkov, but not taller than Stalin used to be before it was blown up… We believe that we visited all of Černý’s creations over the years, so weContinue reading “The new Černý’s Piece in Prague”
  • Luková Ghost Church
    We visited the “ghost church” in Luková five years ago and we were wondering whether it still stands since it seemed like it was ready to fall apart. And it seemed like the countryside around Žlutice was ready to be visited by our bikes. The first surprise was visible already from far away – theContinue reading “Luková Ghost Church”
  • Třebíč
    If you would follow us to this UNESCO town, you should as well ride through the “town biking circle”. It is a rather short trip, but it would show you both old and modern parts of the town as well as the surrounding nature trails. The list of interesting points to visit in Třebíč isContinue reading “Třebíč”
  • Dalešice
    While you are visiting Třebíč, the UNESCO world heritage site, you may also consider a ride along the Dalešická přehrada, one of the best places for boating and all kinds of water sports in Czechia. The dam of this lake is the highest in Czechia and the second highest in Europe. Water from the lakeContinue reading “Dalešice”
  • Tábor Planá Soběslav
    Ride along (sometimes very close to) the river Lužnice with the visit to the town of Soběslav and Tábor. We started this loop ride on the street “Na Černé” in Planá nad Lužnicí where you can find good parking spots along the road everywhere. Our main reason for starting there was to visit our friends,Continue reading “Tábor Planá Soběslav”
  • Along River Through Forest To Beach, Stará Boleslav
    We finally optimized the route to our favorite swimming hole “Lhota”. The only disappointment in this loop starting at Stará Boleslav is a poor quality of several stretches of the official “Labská cyklostezka” surface. This cyklostezka was built with the help of funds from European union, but obviously some contractors did not make a veryContinue reading “Along River Through Forest To Beach, Stará Boleslav”
  • Brdy Loop from Kytín
    It is this time of the year again when you can stop almost anywhere to pick and taste the blackberries or yellow or red mirabelles. This loop through Brdy will give you many opportunities to binge on these fruits. We started this ride in the tiny parking lot in Kytín, next to the brewery-restaurant Kytín.Continue reading “Brdy Loop from Kytín”
  • Stromovka and Letní Letná – Prague
    When we come back to Prague, the first ride leads us to Stromovka or Královská obora (Royal game preserve), the park which was not founded but greatly improved by Rudolf II, the Holy Roman Emperor, in 16th century. Riding through this park is very pleasant, especially in the summer evenings with sun setting over majesticContinue reading “Stromovka and Letní Letná – Prague”
  • Chico to Dailey Lake – Testing Bike
    When we saw this strange E-bike for rent in Chico Hot Springs, we had to test it. So, we took it for a little ride. At first, it was a funny feeling sitting so low and not having a chance to switch gears, but after a while, we appreciate the comfort of the seat, especiallyContinue reading “Chico to Dailey Lake – Testing Bike”
  • Nýrsko, Šumava
    Sometimes even the best plans don’t work. The plan was the second map below. However, when we arrived at Nýrsko, we realized that charging our batteries did not work. So, what now? We are not in the shape that we would be able to do 841 m elevation gain without a little help of ourContinue reading “Nýrsko, Šumava”
  • Two rides in Hrubý Jeseník, Moravia-Silesia
    For the exploration of Hrubý Jeseník, we selected the village Branná as our base. Our accommodation was in the castle Kolštejn (founded in 1325). The castle has a mix of gothic styles but is chateau-like primarily. It had gone through at least 14 different owners in 600 or so years. Both nights we had dinnerContinue reading “Two rides in Hrubý Jeseník, Moravia-Silesia”
  • Modřany – Dolní Břežany
    This ride is obviously one of the earlier ones that we did not report yet. You can tell by the pictures of ripe “mirabelky”, which you can find everywhere around here in the summer. Rather a short loop which can be done easily after work in the evening in about an hour. If you willContinue reading “Modřany – Dolní Břežany”
  • Boží Dar – Abertamy
    We visited Boží Dar earlier and decided to make another trip to the top of Krušné hory. The surroundings of Boží Dar are beautiful in any season and this was a little later in the year. We think that May or June is an optimal time given its popularity. Boží Dar is very busy inContinue reading “Boží Dar – Abertamy”
  • Hradec Králové
    Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered what time it was taken? Well, it doesn’t matter because what’s important is the memories you make. And that’s exactly what we did on our bike ride from Hradec Kralove to Jaromer. The journey was smooth sailing, with nothing eventful happening. However, we did stumble uponContinue reading “Hradec Králové”
  • Varvažov – Orlík dam
    We arrived at Varvažov in the late afternoon, so we did have time for only a short ride around. The goal was to see the castle Zvíkov from across the Orlík reservoir, the largest hydroelectric dam in Czechia. The plan to follow the red tourist mark, called Sedláčkova stezka, was not realistic. At point 4Continue reading “Varvažov – Orlík dam”
  • Žerotín – Riding on Top
    This ride can be also called “How many hop fields can you see”. From the elevation profile, you see that you will be going up and down sharply several times. But it will really feel like you are riding on the top of the ridge all the time. You should be ready to ride overContinue reading “Žerotín – Riding on Top”
  • Mysterious Stone Arrays of Kounov
    You probably know everything there is to know about Stonehenge, but I am almost certain that you’ve never heard about the Mysterious stone arrays of Kounov in Czech Republic. According to one of the theories, these arrays could have been used for the same purpose as the structures of Stonehenge. You will be able to exploreContinue reading “Mysterious Stone Arrays of Kounov”
  • Jenštejn Loop
    This was a simple ride through open fields and along the river. We started in Jenštejn, a little village with a castle ruin. Jenštejn was founded in 1336, but in 1600 was abandoned and never repaired. If you are lucky, you may see the professional model airplane show at point 2. And if you areContinue reading “Jenštejn Loop”
  • Labské Pískovce and Sněžník
    Even though this ride is on the border with Germany, it is not much more than an hour’s drive from Prague. We started at the small village Sněžník, which is ready for a lot of tourists coming from both sides of the border. Parking is abundant at the starting point, but if you don’t wantContinue reading “Labské Pískovce and Sněžník”
  • Karlova Ves – Crazy ride
    We decided to explore the last piece of Křivoklátsko area which was missing from our collection. And from the map, it seemed like a nice short ride with a little questionable piece, which could have been easily avoided. In our experience, when the map says “Entry of bicycles prohibited” it does not mean anything inContinue reading “Karlova Ves – Crazy ride”
  • Kralupy – Klecany Loop
    Let’s start this trip in Kralupy at the place of a very unusual statue. Yes, it is the statue of a fictional character, Czech national hero, The good soldier Švejk, and no, it is not an unusual part of the display. The unusual part you may miss is on the ground next to the benchContinue reading “Kralupy – Klecany Loop”
  • Písty Flower Forest
    At this time of the year, it is kind of hard to believe that you can visit endless fields of flowers in full bloom. But, you have to know where to go. A little forest next to the tiny village of Písty is the place to go. And the middle of March is the timeContinue reading “Písty Flower Forest”
  • Bohnice Valleys
    After exploring Bohnice area on foot during the winter, we decided to put together the loop which would cover most of this interesting area. In this report we included two parts that you may consider biking with great care and in parts only walk your bike. Especially on the busy weekend days… We usually startContinue reading “Bohnice Valleys”
  • Pravda Ruin – Domoušice – Winter Walk
    Nice walk with a little climb up and down to the castle ruin Pravda (Truth). This ruin is one of the largest we have seen around here. And it was relatively very short-lived – founded in the 15th century and abandoned in the 16th – after it was burned down by the Swede army. YouContinue reading “Pravda Ruin – Domoušice – Winter Walk”
  • Zámky and Bohnice, Winter Walk
    We decided to explore the area between Bohnické and Drahanské valley in detail. And going through some of the natural features required to leave the bikes at home. This time we started at the tiny parking lot next to the pet cemetery in Bohnice. A visit to the pet cemetery is definitely worth the trip.Continue reading “Zámky and Bohnice, Winter Walk”
  • Empty Český Krumlov
    We heard that Český Krumlov was suffering from neglect by tourists of all kinds. Basically, the reporter said that the town was completely empty. Therefore, it was necessary to check whether it was not some “fake news”, and we had to go there to see it with our own eyes. After the quick walk throughContinue reading “Empty Český Krumlov”
  • Drahanské Valley – Winter walk
    We walk and rode through this area many times. So it was a simple choice when we had a little window with predicted sunshine (based on the amazing application windy.com) to go here and walk this loop. You can drive to Čimice and park at the street K Mlýnu, or you can go by busContinue reading “Drahanské Valley – Winter walk”
  • Nymburk to Libice
    The last day of the year 2021 was extremely warm and even sunny. And because we biked on the first day of the year, we certainly had to be on our bikes on the last day as well. We decided to stay on the paved roads as many forest roads might be pretty muddy. TheContinue reading “Nymburk to Libice”
  • Dobřív Brdy
    This is the ride from earlier this year, which we for some reason did not report. The highlight of this trip was vodní hamr Dobřív (at point 2), which is part of the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen. It is actually the largest and most important monument of its kind in the Czech Republic. AndContinue reading “Dobřív Brdy”
  • Blansko – Macocha
    Very nice ride through Moravský kras (Moravian Karst). This area is a protected landscape to the north of Brno. It encompasses a number of notable geological features, including roughly 1100 caverns and gorges and covers an area of roughly 92 km². We started from the town of Blansko and after climbing up through a pleasantContinue reading “Blansko – Macocha”
  • Gdansk – All the way to Russian border
    Even though there was not exactly beach weather, we went to ride along the one of the longest beaches we ever saw. Well, from the look on the map we expected riding with a nice view of the beach… However, we were for most of the time probably about 30 meters from the beach, butContinue reading “Gdansk – All the way to Russian border”
  • Gdansk, Poland
    We decided to expand our biking operation to Poland. And of course, we had to visit the picturesque town of Gdansk. Biking here is extremely simple, as there is no elevation gain to speak of. The only thing may be a wind, which was pretty cold, as it was the end of October. We wantedContinue reading “Gdansk, Poland”
  • Nižbor to Křivoklát
    Well, this is a new blog about the ride from last year. This means that some of the observations may have possibly changed. This was a quite challenging and enjoyable ride, so we thought that it may deserve a spot here. We started from Nižbor again. You can use a large parking lot at theContinue reading “Nižbor to Křivoklát”
  • Stradonice Nižbor – Winter Walk
    Even though we did this walk in the winter, it may be nice at any time of the year. The only part which is tricky when it is slippery (rain or snow) is the very sharp descent from the Stradonické oppidum to point 6. That part is definitely not passable with bicycles! The best placeContinue reading “Stradonice Nižbor – Winter Walk”
  • Karlštejn
    Very short ride around the most visited and historically important castle Karlštejn. This castle was founded by Karel IV, the Holly Roman Emperor, the king who changed the history of the country in many ways. Castle served as a treasure vault for the Czech Crown Jewels. Its appearance is quite unique and there are speculationContinue reading “Karlštejn”
  • Dubá, Kokořínsko
    A beautiful ride through the sandstone formations. If you start your loop in the town of Dubá, then you will have to ride a little bit on the pretty busy road 260. If you want to avoid this, you can park in points 2, 3, or 4. The ride from 4 to 10 is aContinue reading “Dubá, Kokořínsko”
  • Ládví, Prague
    There are still little rides in Prague that we did not completely documented. This one is a combination of perfect bike paths and challenging struggles. We start again from Letná, where finding parking is easy. After riding through Stromovka, you cross the new bridge over Vltava and continue straight to go around the botanical garden.Continue reading “Ládví, Prague”
  • Znojmo
    There are four national parks in Czechia – Krkonoše, Šumava, Českosaské Švýcarsko (Bohemian Switzerland), and Podyjí. We have biked the first three and Podyjí was still missing in our collection. We set our base at Znojmo, nice town close to the border with Austria. Parking in the center of Znojmo was not difficult and anyContinue reading “Znojmo”
  • Brno
    Once we were in southern Moravia to explore the last national park of Czechia, Podyjí, we had to stop in Brno. We stayed overnight here and enjoyed the taste of the nightlife in this Moravian metropolis. The main square “Náměstí svobody” (Liberty square) was really alive on this Saturday night with the political parties tryingContinue reading “Brno”
  • Davle – Jílové circle
    We like this area and we started a couple of our hikes in Davle before we were completely turned into E-bikers. We had our regular bikes before, but this area seemed too challenging for us. However with E-MTB nothing seems out of reach anymore. However, for this particular ride we would not recommend a regularContinue reading “Davle – Jílové circle”
  • Nové Hutě – Šumava
    As soon as we could, we returned to Šumava without hordes of tourists. Our base was an AirBnB at paní Lenka place in Nové Hutě. The problem in Nové Hutě is the lack of willing workers and therefore no open restaurants. Well, not exactly. If the sign in front of restaurant says “Food and drinksContinue reading “Nové Hutě – Šumava”
  • Litoměřice
    We planned a different ride than what we actually did. But what we present here is actually rideable. Sometimes what you see on the map is so much different than the reality. And this is the greatest advantage if somebody, like us, really checked the whole proposed route. Some of the pictures below shows theContinue reading “Litoměřice”
  • Mšec and Nové Strašecí
    Very relaxing trip through the “hop country”. Convenient point to start the loop is a large parking space in Mšec. We have chosen that village for a nostalgic reasons: Michal worked in Mšec during his high school studies on the “hop picking brigade”. What was happening during these brigades was very well depicted in aContinue reading “Mšec and Nové Strašecí”
  • Bušohrad or “You may not see any bikers”
    If you are tired of riding along “cyklostezky” along with hundreds of your fellow bikers, you may consider this ride. You may not meet anybody, during the workday it is almost guranteed. Besides 1 km on the road just before the end of a trip, you will be on forest roads, none of which isContinue reading “Bušohrad or “You may not see any bikers””
  • Hlavenec and Lake Lhota
    This ride can be called “Mirabelky circle” (“Yellow plum circle”). This is the time when mirabelky (or špendlíky in Czech) are ripe and unbelievably plentiful. They are found everywhere along the roads and paths. And apparently nobody is picking them. It is true that they have relatively large ratio of pit to the meat, butContinue reading “Hlavenec and Lake Lhota”
  • Brdy loop ride
    This time we wanted to ride our favorite stretch of Brdy circle in the opposite direction then earlier. When you start from very convenient parking at the Mníšek castle, you may be tempted to take your refreshment in the bakery/sweet shop Jarolímek even before you jump on your bike. At the beginning you will rideContinue reading “Brdy loop ride”
  • Around Lhota Lake
    We have been to this area several times in summer and in the winter. It is especially rewarding in the summer hot days. We discovered the recreational Lhota lake where you can swim and lay in the sand. We always carried (although not necessary) our bathing suits and towels on the summer rides just inContinue reading “Around Lhota Lake”
  • Two rides around Český Krumlov
    Český Krumlov is one of the most popular destinations in Czech Republic. For that reason we recommend not going there in the high tourist season. But just in case you will go there, May or June may be perfect. If you want to splurge on accommodation, you can stay in a fancy hotel “Růže” (Rose)Continue reading “Two rides around Český Krumlov”
  • Liběchov Kokořín Houska
    This was one of our longer summer rides through Kokořínsko, a very scenic area with a lot of sandstone formations. Sandstone was an ideal material for the local artist Václav Levý, who created many sculptures while he worked on the castle Liběchov. We started the route at the castle and followed part of the circleContinue reading “Liběchov Kokořín Houska”
  • Brdy, Jince and Plešivec
    Our goal on this ride from the last year was to get to the top of Plešivec peak (hill) in the Brdy Mountain range just about an hour drive from Prague. Most of the Brdy range is covered by forests, and it is one of the largest contiguously forested areas in the interior of theContinue reading “Brdy, Jince and Plešivec”
  • Around Antelope Butte, Montana
    Did we ever say that we will report only about rides in Czech Republic? Well, if we did, then we will break this rule now. This ride is a little away from there – in Montana… It is a loop around the hill in Paradise Valley starting in Livingston. Maybe we can rename our blogContinue reading “Around Antelope Butte, Montana”
  • Příchovice – Jizera Mountains
    This area is near and dear to Michal’s heart and is where the family mountain cottage is located. In the middle of a ski slope in the protected area of Paseky is where we stayed for a few days to really get a feel for our new electric bikes. The goal of this ride wasContinue reading “Příchovice – Jizera Mountains”
  • Rožmitál pod Třemšínem
    Brdy is probably our favorite destination. It is not far from Prague and there are so many possibilities for a nice not crowded ride. This time we started from Rožmitál pod Třemšínem, a small town at the western edge of Brdy. If you never heard about Jakub Jan Ryba, it probably means that you didContinue reading “Rožmitál pod Třemšínem”
  • Short ride around Hostivař lake
    Police is really checking whether you would be leaving Prague district. That was a reason to turn back at point 13. Újezd u Průhonic is still Prague, Průhonice village is not. So after the restriction will be lifted, you can extend the trip to go around the Průhonice park and through that village. If youContinue reading “Short ride around Hostivař lake”
  • Around Prague Botanical Garden and ZOO
    Quite a short ride in Prague will take you through the largest park Stromovka, across the new bridge over Vltava and around botanical garden and ZOO, which are right now closed to the public. Reasonable starting point is the lot behind Písecká brána, where the parking is free for the weekends. Ride is simple mixContinue reading “Around Prague Botanical Garden and ZOO”
  • Mšeno – Mácha’s Path
    This is the ride from the July last year and it can serve as an example that just following GPX file is not a good idea. Do not try this route without reading our comments. You can easily ride similar circle around Mšeno without getting into troubles we experienced. But it is our motto: “RatherContinue reading “Mšeno – Mácha’s Path”
  • Bezděz to Houska
    This trip would be much better if there would be no snow and ice on the ground. So, do not follow us right away, wait for at least a week. However, if you are impatient and want to go right now, you can easily avoid the tricky parts and use only the good roads. ThisContinue reading “Bezděz to Houska”
  • Ski slope Chotouň
    You may not know that there is a ski slope in Chotouň only 10 km from the Prague border. Even though it was about 10 degrees C, the slope was still in good shape with packed snow. However, no skiers were allowed due to the quarantine. And that was the reason why the parking lotContinue reading “Ski slope Chotouň”
  • Třeboň
    As the snow melts, we are looking forward to warmer biking, hiking, canoeing and maybe you are too. A little less than 2 hours from Prague you can reach the city of Třeboň. This area is flat and full of ponds famous for the production of carp. Most of those ponds were built in theContinue reading “Třeboň”
  • Kunžak – Česká Kanada
    This ride we did quite a while ago, but since this week was pretty lousy weather with up to -15 C and we did not feel like riding. This just means we have time to write about some historical rides. One of them was in the area around Kunžak which is called Česká Kanada. TheContinue reading “Kunžak – Česká Kanada”
  • Veltrusy – Říp – Mělník Circle
    This was one of the longer trips of the summer of 2020. We started from the parking lot in Veltrusy and planned to visit the castle (national cultural heritage site) on the way back. The plan was to follow the red tourist mark “Poutní cesta Blaník – Říp“. This pilgrimage route is connecting two ofContinue reading “Veltrusy – Říp – Mělník Circle”
  • Lužec – Mělník Circle
    We returned to this area to check the new bridge for bikers over Vltava river in the village of Lužec. Last year we took the boat across the river at the same place and the operator told us that we are almost the last people going by boat since the bridge will be opening soon.Continue reading “Lužec – Mělník Circle”
  • Benátky nad Jizerou
    This would be a nice ride if the path would be covered with snow or just mud. However, combination with icy patches made this trip a little treacherous. We had been involuntarily “debiked” several times and came back to the car with a lot of extra mud everywhere. Starting point we found at the villageContinue reading “Benátky nad Jizerou”
  • Brdy in Winter
    We started from the same parking lot as our ride in the summer. It was a nice day, but still pretty cold, so we did just a little loop. It was also quite icy, with fresh snow on several stretches, we did not take any steep slopes, but rather stayed on the top of theContinue reading “Brdy in Winter”

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