Kolín to Týnec

Nice flat ride along Labe from a historic town of Kolín to Týnec nad Labem and back. We started at a parking lot of the supermarket Billa at Náměstí Republiky. After crossing the railroad and Labe using an interesting modern bridge at point 2, you will join the Elbe route (Labská cyklostezka). This bike path goes from Vrchlabí to Hamburg in Germany. It is one of the major bike path projects in Europe. However, the part you will be using is not the most representative piece.

Part of the trip will go on the pretty busy road number 322 and 327. When you enter the road 322, you can follow it to Týnec and across the bridge over Labe. But we like to go off the major road as soon as possible. Therefore we suggest that you exit this road ASAP. However, do not take the first exit left in Lžovice as that is a blind road. Rather take the second (or third, or fourth) and it will take you through a little loop around Týnec and you will be able to visit the bike friendly Pizzeria Mates. On the way back you will join yellow tourist mark at point 6 and follow it all the way to Kolín. At point 7 you will have to open a little gate across a small bridge and carry your bike for a little bit.

If you are lucky and weather is reasonable for swimming, you can take a little dip at point 3, a flooded active sandpit. Do not miss the opportunity to look at the Church of Saint Bartholomeus with its rich history going back to 13th century.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/beheposotu 33 km, 99 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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