Kbely, Prague

Sometimes choosing the destination first and then planning the route around is the best. This time we decided to have lunch at the Kbelsky Pivovar (http://kbelskypivovar.cz/) in Prague 19. Unlike the previous Únětice brewery we visited which was founded as early as 1557. The Kbelsky brewery is very modern and new (opened in 2019).  They say they use the same traditions as Count Černín in 1758. Michal approved the beer (with the funny names like 12 pilots, 13 ravens, 14 may flies) and we enjoyed our lunches very much.

If you are thinking of testing an electric bike or just want to rent one in the city we recommend both of our city routes. Starting from home on Letná park and rode over to Stromovka park with the intention of crossing the river there (point 3). We have taken this route often in the past as a way to get to the zoo on the other side.  Three years ago the pedestrian bridge collapsed and people have to use a boat that takes them back and forth.  We were surprised to see that the new bridge is almost finished and it will be nice not to wait for the boat every 30 minutes.

The route continues up the river along side the famous Prague Zoo. The zoo had been destroyed during the 2002 floods and some animals drowned. Since the renovations it is one of the better city zoos. On weekends this paved route is very busy with walkers, rollerbladers, and very fast bikes, so we were happy we were going midweek where is was very relaxed.  There are plenty of food and drink spots along the way.  You will also see a few more points where you can take the boat back across the river and make a smaller loop. They will operate pretty consistently throughout the year.

Once we got to the village of Klecany we headed up the hill away from the river with some road and forest trail intermixed. At the top we headed through the Premysleni village and right before the main interstate there is a small tunnel to the other side. Just watch your head going through!

The terrain becomes flat and goes through agricultural fields with the city backdrop and you feel really outside of Prague. Once we arrived  at the Lesopark Letňany (point 10) I saw what Michal had been telling me.  He had been trying to convince me to try these little parks with bumps and turns to ‘practice’.  I had always resisted but this place was wooded and it seemed ok to go in. Little did we know its like a crazy maze of switchbacks and sharp turns. We should have read the sign with instructions on how to go before we entered! Once inside we realized we didn’t know if we were going the right way, we started taking short cuts and really got turned around. One short cut had thorns that caught my finger and tore it. We are used to little cuts and scratches so we carry a first aid kit which was again very handy to clean up, disinfect, and bandage and we were back on the trail. After we exited we realized there was also a ‘baby trail’ and that it would be better for our skill level! Letňany Forest park is quite large and good for everyone looking to get out and have a good walk. We definitely plan on returning. I am determined to ride the lesopark with more skill.

The restaurant isn’t far from here (point 12) and for those wanting to just come to try lunch can take the metro and bus.  After our bellies were satisfied we headed back towards home.  Not far from the brewery there are a few museums along the road. We were too busy to go in but it looks interesting. The Aviation Museum Kbely is known as one of the largest air museums in Europe. The The National Memorial to the Heroes of Heydrich Terror is located in underground of Ortodox cathedral of St. Cyril and Methodius in Resslova street. The military technical museum – for more information go to http://www.vhu.cz/english-summary/

Going back into the city from here is not as pleasant as you ride along busy roads (sidewalks usually) and get back across the interstate. Use the pedestrian crosswalk for safety. Once you are in Vysocany (point 14) it becomes a nice city bike path. This neighborhood and into Karlin are busy but it feels comfortable with the wider paths. The Karlin area suffered severe damage in the 2002 floods, but the renovations and modernization make this such a beautiful area to live if you aren’t into ‘old villas’. We crossed back to our side of the river by using the Čechův bridge. This is the point of the trip we would dread in past years but with electric bikes we shoot straight up the steep hill and the 43k ride is over.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/fusesaboda 43.5 km 230 m elevation gain

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