On this very cold day (3°C) in November, we started our ride from a small parking lot next to  Liblice castle. This castle hotel, owned by the Czech Academy of Sciences, is an absolute winner of the Hotel of the Year competition for 2020. It was recently renovated into the original splendor and it is rightfully called “the jewel of the high baroque in Bohemia”. So if you want to celebrate something special in your life, this may be the destination. However, you have to plan well ahead, since this hotel is also used as a conference center for the Academy.

If you would consider our easy bike ride starting from here you may also visit the historic town of Mělník and look at the merge of the Vltava and Labe rivers from the castle above, or visit an interesting restaurant called “U svatého Václava”. By the way, Mělník vineyards were started in the 9th century and are one of the most northern vineyards in Europe.

About one-fifth of the route is on regular roads and the whole trip is fine even for regular bikes. Part of the ride will lead you between open fields on both sides and part (around point 3) will go through a majestic forest. The only recommendation would be to avoid this route after heavy rains when a good part of the road could be very muddy. 22 km, 180 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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