A very quick decision this morning to go for a short ride in the neighborhood led us to the town of Klánovice with its well-known natural park. Even though we did just a quick ride through this nice forest, we realized that this area may provide an opportunity for a long ride without actually repeating any of the paths. You can see on the map at the bottom that you can easily ride 50 km in this area. We recommend mountain bikes since some of the roads are quite bumpy due to the exposed tree roots. An electric bike is just a luxury here, not a necessity since the whole area is pretty flat. If you follow the green tourist mark, it would lead you to the “Forest gallery” in which the children from the local schools draw examples of fauna and flora which you can see around here.

As we entered the forest we were surprised by the decorated Christmas tree with gifts for any bypassers under it. Such a lovely idea from some anonymous person wanting to spread the spirit (and not covid).

Please note that the long version of the ride was not checked by us, so we do not guarantee the conditions of the path.


Long version https://en.mapy.cz/s/kahanadobe. To see these rides in context, check our interactive maps.

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