Mšeno – Mácha’s Path

This is the ride from the July last year and it can serve as an example that just following GPX file is not a good idea. Do not try this route without reading our comments. You can easily ride similar circle around Mšeno without getting into troubles we experienced. But it is our motto: “Rather through mud than around cars”, and so we tried to ride the Mácha’s path (Máchova cesta) which is marked with red tourist mark. Unfortunately it was a day after heavy rain during the night and we met a lot of mud. Especially between points 3 and 4 it was slippery like hell. From point 5 to point 9 it is quite bumpy ride, but it is bearable. However, if you decide to follow our path from 9 to 14, you will have to be ready for climbing over fallen trees and climbing very narrow stairs at point 11 up and 13 down. With our age-diminished athletic abilities it was necessary to take one bike at a time. We were really struggling to get through this part. At point 12 you will be rewarded by nice view at a pond in which you can swim from the beach that you will pass just before reaching point 11. From this beach you will see totally crowded beach on the other side of the water.

Just before you reach point 13, you can take a shortcut through the woods to join a path at point 17. From there you have a choice to go to point 16 and 15 (numbering here goes backwards). The path here probably goes through the private property (but nobody complained). You can follow longer loop from 16 to 15 by following the path going to the right at point 16. From point 15 it looks like you will be going far away, but it will turn back to your route which you will join at 14.

This hard part did not discourage us to continue on Mácha’s path from point 18 to 24. And it was tough, especially from point 20 to 22. At point 21 you will have to get down a slippery nonrideable slope, where you have to pay a really good attention to what you are doing. After point  25 you will not face any tricky parts of the ride all the way to historical town Mšeno, where you started.  Do not skip the opportunity to have an ice cream at the shop Zmrzlinový ráj next to the church!

https://en.mapy.cz/s/monusofadu 35 km (it shows 38, but it considers going from 14 to 17 and back), 340 m elevation gain, GPX file Mseno.gpx. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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