Gdansk – All the way to Russian border

Even though there was not exactly beach weather, we went to ride along the one of the longest beaches we ever saw. Well, from the look on the map we expected riding with a nice view of the beach… However, we were for most of the time probably about 30 meters from the beach, but we were separated by a sand dune covered with a forest. So, no beach was to be seen. To get to it, we had to turn into any of many turns and just cross the dune. But it was definitely worth to visit this beach with kilometers of white sands. And no beachgoers at this time of the year.

At the end of the long path we found the fence separating Poland from a little piece of Russia (which is not connected to Russia proper). On the way back we rode on a much less maintained road on the top of this strip of the land to point 6, the village of Piaski, where we found a nice fish restaurant which we can definitely recommend. From 6 to 12 we followed the regular road, but then we returned to the path along the beach, where we were not bothered by cars.

You don’t need E-bike for this trip, and it would be definitely much better in the hot summer day when we would be able to stop for a little swim at so many beautiful points. Beaches on the south side of the land strip were not that impressive, but probably have much warmer water in the summer. 33 km, 296 m altitude gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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