Dobřív Brdy

This is the ride from earlier this year, which we for some reason did not report. The highlight of this trip was vodní hamr Dobřív (at point 2), which is part of the West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen. It is actually the largest and most important monument of its kind in the Czech Republic. And it is fully functional! You can see various metal operations being performed exactly as it was done in 19th century. However, it is open only from April to October, so don’t plan your trip there yet…

We started at very small, but usually not full parking lot at Strašice. Strašice were in the past one of famous military installations. Tanks located here had a large playground on Brdy area – this fact is actually reflected by a lot of signs warning you not to enter certain parts of the forests. You could encounter some unexploded ammunitions… To imagine how the life was at the tank battalion, you can watch the movie Tank Battalion. This movie was based on book of Josef Škvorecký, and was actually the first privately produced Czech film.

This ride was mostly on a good forest roads through beautifully grown tree alleys and does not require any special comments. Mountain bike is preferred, but normal road bike will do as well. If you would have enough already at point 13, you can follow the downhill path back to the starting point. Besides this short cut, you can always shorten your ride by going from 3 to 10 or from 12 to 14., 35 km, 440 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.



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