Pravda Ruin – Domoušice – Winter Walk

Nice walk with a little climb up and down to the castle ruin Pravda (Truth). This ruin is one of the largest we have seen around here. And it was relatively very short-lived – founded in the 15th century and abandoned in the 16th – after it was burned down by the Swede army. You should not miss the close inspection of Devil’s rock (Čertův kámen) at point 2. It is one of the places where making a little inscription into that stone is not frowned upon but actually encouraged. Just don’t carve too deep… On the climb up from 3 to 4 you may see some faces and other pieces of anatomy carved on the sandstone walls.

In the title picture Polly is posing with bolševník, just to show the size of this invasive plant. This plant is actually very dangerous and can cause very serious health problems – from severe blistering to blindness. Interestingly, it was originally planted in botanical gardens for its impressive size, but after escaping from there it is very hard to eradicate. In the Czech Republic there were only 9 known locations in 1950, but today it can be found in more than 600 locations. And one of them is at the point where you will be crossing a little stream at the beginning of your walk. So, enjoy the size, but do not touch! 6.3 km, 186 m elevation gain.

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