Hrubá Skála – Český Ráj

Český Ráj or Bohemian Paradise is a Protected Landscape Area and a perfect day trip from Prague for hikers and bikers. We typically visit this are at least 3 times a year because it really is paradise. It was declared in 1955, as the first nature reserve in Czechia. At first, it was 95 square kilometres in area; today it is almost 182 km². When walking through the area you will encounter lots of sandstone stairs and climbing up and down to enjoy the different features and views. Many climbers come to this area so you will see hooks in some of the rocks. It is a very popular place so its best to come on weekdays.

We can recommend the parking lot at Hrubá Skála as the starting point of the bike ride through Český Ráj. This trip combines pleasant rides on nice asphalt roads and reasonable forest roads mixed with crazy unrideable pieces of paths where you will have to walk your bike… exactly the way we like it. We specifically mention the places where you should pay special attention or choose another way around.

The first such place is the stretch between point 8 and 9 where you will probably decide to walk your bike for a little bit. Not paying enough attention may result in a little resting in a soft grass meadow (see picture below). However, the real challenge can be found around point 12. For some reason, the path on the map is not representing the real situation. If you would try to go through the ruins of the castle Chlum as shown on the map, you will realize that it is impossible to do with your bike. You will have to choose the path through the openings in the stone walls on the right, which is obviously the way the people are walking through. We do not recommend to try to bike it, just be patient and walk your bike through this stretch. If you want to avoid this difficult part, continue on the road to village Kadeřavec and then turn left to Všeň. 31 km with 600 m elevation gain

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