Doksy, Máchovo Jezero

This is a good ride for a nice summer day. If possible avoid the weekend since Máchovo jezero is a popular destination for all kinds of water sports. This lake was created on the order of Karel IV in 1366. It was only named in 1961 after Karel Hynek Mácha, the famous and controversial Czech poet. Most of the ride goes on nice forest roads, but you should not be surprised by little pockets of soft sand. If you want to take a plunge into the lake, there is relatively good access to water at point 4, called the “Swamp”. You can choose a shortcut from point 2 to 4 following the yellow tourist sign which would lead you through the swamp. It is quite an interesting way where you may encounter a narrow bumpy pathway. It is rideable but not recommended for bicycles. After point 7 you may be wondering what was this huge parking lot used for. It was a lot used by the army for their in the field exercises. This area was in the past closed to the public and was dedicated to military use. Later you will be riding along the military airport Hradčany and former military town Ralsko. The military use of this area by Russian occupational forces after 1968 left this area heavily contaminated and it took more than 20 years to correct the situation.

On the left side of the road leaving from Ralsko you may stop at the rest area and view the stone creations in the form of a picnic table. At point 10 you will see Fleslovo jezírko (a tiny lake) which is quite an interesting natural feature, an unexpected phenomenon in this sand-based countryside. This little lake was badly damaged by the army which used it as a washing spot for their nasty vehicles. And if you are into geocaching, you should definitely look for one at this spot. 40 km, 215 m elevation gain

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