Lednice, Southern Moravia

The village of Lednice is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Moravia. It is not permitted to bike through the beautiful park – with a small exception, which of course we utilized. This easy trip will lead you through relatively flat countryside at times following the meandering blind branches of the Dyje river. That part of the trip is favorite dwelling of swarms of mosquitoes, so a repellent spray bottle is recommended, especially if you are stopping to take photos.

As the start we selected a parking lot in the sleepy village of Sedlec allowing us to ride a circle of 35 km with little elevation which we conquered at the very beginning. After point 2, your ride will be either downhill or flat. When you reach point 4, you can decide to park your bike and visit the castle Lednice on foot or take a ride along the inner wall of the park all the way to the Minaret (5). This part, unlike the rest of the park, is not forbidden to biking (even though on the map it is marked red). Continuing around outer fence of the park you will reach the Januv Hrad (7), an artificial ruin designed and built by the inventor of pencil J.L.Hardtmuth in 1801-1808, a long time before fake ruins became popular in Disneyland. He also built the minaret nearby.

The ride continues along the ponds of Lednice. You should stop at Apollo’s temple at point 9, which can be easily missed if you ride too fast. The temple “U tří gracií“ at point 11 will not be easy to spot. You can also see the remnants of fortifications of Czechoslovakia built in 1937 at point 10 or just after the bridge after point 7.

Link for the map is here https://en.mapy.cz/s/cetoforofo

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