Blansko – Macocha

Very nice ride through Moravský kras (Moravian Karst). This area is a protected landscape to the north of Brno. It encompasses a number of notable geological features, including roughly 1100 caverns and gorges and covers an area of roughly 92 km². We started from the town of Blansko and after climbing up through a pleasantContinue reading “Blansko – Macocha”

Králický Sněžník, Northern Moravia

One of the most enjoyable rides was in Králický Sněžník, a natural mountain park in northern Moravia. We found a very small parking lot on the side road in the village of Velká Morava belonging to the penzion and restaurant, Horal. It is advisable to ask them for permission to park, but if you promiseContinue reading “Králický Sněžník, Northern Moravia”

Beskydy – Valašská Bystřice

Not too far from the industrial town of Ostrava lies the Moravian–Silesian Beskyds mountains with a small part reaching Slovakia. It lies on the historical division between Moravia and Silesia, hence the name. Using the site called Amazing Places in Czech Republic ( we found a place to stay at the last minute in aContinue reading “Beskydy – Valašská Bystřice”

Beskydy – Šance Dam

The Beskydy Mountains are also known as the Beskid Mountain or Beskids for short.  This is a massive mountain range (outer part of the Carpathians) that covers 600 km in length and crosses from Poland to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Ukraine. The area we wanted to explore is about a 6 hour driveContinue reading “Beskydy – Šance Dam”

Lednice, Southern Moravia

The village of Lednice is one of the most popular destinations in Southern Moravia. It is not permitted to bike through the beautiful park – with a small exception, which of course we utilized. This easy trip will lead you through relatively flat countryside at times following the meandering blind branches of the Dyje river.Continue reading “Lednice, Southern Moravia”

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