Beskydy – Radhošť

In 1973, the Beskydy Mountains were declared a protected nature area, which signified its importance to the country and we were happy we spent a few days there. Our third day in the Beskydy mountains we knew we wanted to go to the top of Radhošť. This mountain is known as a popular destination for religious pilgrimages. Although I’m sure that most tourists were there to have a beautiful hike to the top for the views.

On the top you will find a church of Cyril and Methodius, which is the highest elevation religious building in the Czech republic. Close to it is a statue of Cyril and Methodius, two saints who brought the first alphabet to this region to spread Christianity through education. Appropriately, there is also a TV tower to spread another kind of information now.

We started from the huge parking lot and approached Radhošť from the other side (not the direction of all the tourists) and made a very long ride down to the point 2. From there it was a pretty strenuous fight uphill to gain 500 m to the top of the mountain. Even though most of the ride was bikeable, the path was pretty rough. And the last 300 m to the top were so steep that after one of us stopped, he was not able to start on the bike again and had to walk the rest of it.

On the way from the point 6 to the finish you will slowly weave between walkers, children and dogs. You will also see the statue of the pagan god Radegast which gave to this mountain its name. 18 km 570 m elevation gain

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