Šumava – Prášily

On the way to the start of our trip in Prášily and not far from the hotel where we stayed in Železná Ruda is an area taken over by beavers (bobr in Czech). If you are interested in the Eurasian beaver’s civil engineering you can get a unique view of little towns full of beaver dams and lagoons. We also took a short side trip by car to the Velhartice Castle from the late 13th century. It was worth the visit as you can see by the photos below.

A convenient starting point for our next ride we found in a small village Prášily. The first six kilometers are a straight uphill struggle. After point 2, the highest point of the trip, you will enjoy a gentle ride on well maintained roads. The only exception is a short uphill stretch between points 5 and 7. After point 7 you will arrive at Tříjezerní slať where you can take a break and visit this moor. Most of the Šumava moors are not publicly accessible – they are located in the highly restricted protected areas.

From the point 4 to 6 you will ride through the beautiful valley of Roklanský potok and reach the touristy village Modrava with several restaurants, a brewery and even live kangaroos in an enclosure. If you are not hungry yet, you can turn at Rybárna (point 5) and go directly to point 7. After that you will be riding mostly flat or downhill along the Vchynicko-Tetovský channel built for logged wood transport. The bridges over this channel are protected as technical memorials and are worth stopping and getting a closer look. At point 8 you can take a shortcut to point 10, or you can continue through Srní where you can find opportunity for refreshment. After point 10 the bike path follows the road through the mixed forest all the way to the parking lot where you may have started your trip.

https://mapy.cz/s/gogejepehu 42 km with 584 m elevation gain

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