Modrava/Kvilda (east loop)

This is the E-bike trip idea which you can combine with some of our other trips in Šumava, especially with the Modrava west loop. The total would be just over 60 km, totally doable on an electric bike. We stayed at hotel Modrava so it made sense to do this trip with our visiting family in two pieces, since for them this was the first biking of the year.

Starting point is marked at the entrance of the rental place Modrava which will take care of your needs in case you don’t bring your E-bike (and if you mention this blog, you will get 10% discount). However, it is advisable to reserve your rental couple days ahead of your arrival.

The first 10 km you will be going uphill, but after reaching the point 4 you will be rewarded by a long downhill ride. Unfortunately, from the “pramen Vltavy”, place where the famous river was born, the road will be shared with quite a number of pedestrians. Before you reach the village of Kvilda, you may think about the fact that the stretch from the point 5 was for 40 years inaccessible to anybody besides border protection military units. The communist regime was not afraid of anybody sneaking in, but from anybody escaping their socialistic paradise.

Kvilda is a place where the lowest temperature ever was measured in Czechia – -41.6 (in this case it does not matter whether in Celsius or in Fahrenheit, it is almost the same). It is one of the coldest place in this country, with a record of temperature being below the freezing point for consecutive 252 days.

At the point 7, in Horská Kvilda, you should see the beaver dam built just next to the road bridge. Beavers moved into Šumava after being extinct for hundred years at the end of twentieth century and now they are present at several locations especially around Železná Ruda.

From the point 9 you will be finishing your E-bike trip on a regular road leading downhill, so pay attention to your speed and the cars behind! 30.5 km, 458 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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