Jílové to Týnec

A blue sky in Autumn should never be wasted, especially to see the changing colors of the leaves. I’ve never been to the US, East Coast to in fall, but can imagine the beauty may compare to what we rode through in this area. Due to its picturesque setting, the village of Jílové is a popular destination for daytrippers. We found parking next to the church on the main square of Jílové (Sunday is free of charge).

At point 3 you will get a beautiful view of Jílové. After that, you will see a notable group of stones on the right-hand side inviting you to sit down and contemplate. Of course, a geocache is not far from there.

It was interesting to come across the entrance to the mine Halíř at point 5. This mine was created in the last century to explore whether the mining for gold would be feasible. Gold was found, but only at the level of 7g per ton of quartz, and the mine was closed. Now it can be visited as a tourist attraction.

At the top of the hill between points 5 and 6, we came across the “obětní kameny” (sacrificial stones) which were important to the ‘Slavs’ and were documented prehistory to modern folk culture. It’s a nice sunny area and perfect as a lunch spot. At Panská Skála, point 17, you will have a beautiful view of the nature reserve Grybla. Note the woodcarving around the path (photo below).

Most of this ride was on very reasonably forest roads, however, there were several stretches where you will have to pay very good attention to what you will be doing. After you pass point 5 and join the blue tourist mark, the uphill part is a little tricky especially after a good rain when the path is wet. Another challenging part is a downhill path from point 9 to 10, which was obviously used by some heavy machinery which left its mark on the road. A short piece from point 14 to 15 is rideable with care. The path through point 19 is rideable but pretty narrow with some boulders in the way. A little piece from 21 to 22 can be ridden only by daredevils (not us) and we recommend to walk it down. If you want to avoid this piece, you can stay on the road from point 20 all the way to the finish.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/cedovasaru 28 km 600 m elevation gain

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