Ski slope Chotouň

You may not know that there is a ski slope in Chotouň only 10 km from the Prague border. Even though it was about 10 degrees C, the slope was still in good shape with packed snow. However, no skiers were allowed due to the quarantine. And that was the reason why the parking lot was basically empty and ideal for us to start our short bike loop today. Due to the freezing temperatures of the last week, we expected some tricky stretches of the ride. And we were right, in the shadowy stretches through the forest were still slabs of extremely slippery ice. Well, some unplanned de-bikings happened – see the picture.  Besides that, the ride was very smooth, also thanks to very soft mud on some parts of the road. If you will be riding later without a lot of water on the ground, you can expect smooth sailing all the way through this very short ride. The most interesting structure you will see is the church in Kostelec u Křížků (point 9) – the conglomerate of the roman rotunda from 992 with the rest of the gothic church from 1264.

If you want to do a longer ride in this area, you can check our earlier blog. 18 km, 280 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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