Radotín Circle

A warm November day seemed ideal for just an easy afternoon ride through the autumn forest. It went through the forest, but it was not easy. The first difficult part was a straight uphill trudge on a path used by horseback riders just where the red tourist mark turns to the right from the road. At point 2 you can take a break and enjoy the nice view of the Radotín neighborhood of Prague from a strategically placed white bench. (About 100 m left from point 2.) Very close to that bench is an interesting geocache with a little history – it was a memorial to the guy who shot himself rather than going to fight in the German army during WWII.

Between points 3 and 4 it is better to follow the wider road to the right of the red marked path, it will end up in the same place eventually, but it is not marked on the map. At point 7 you may visit an interesting Jewish cemetery.

Between points 9 and 11 you should follow the blue tourist mark, even though it is not marked correctly on the map. From point 10 to 11 you should be very careful and should walk your bike downhill as the boulders on the path can be very slippery. However, the worst part of the trip is still ahead. From 11 to 12 it is barely rideable and you will have to cross the small very slippery narrow bridge where you will probably walk your bike through the water as you cross – see picture. After 12 to 13, you will be riding through very deep mud maintained in rough conditions by horseback riders. After point 13 you can take most of the mud from your bikes as the rest of the rides is relatively easy. However, you still have to pay attention to the steep downhill back from point 2.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/lovakujuto 17 km 350 m elevation profile

For cykloserver.cz users http://www.cykloserver.cz/f/6fea276686/

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