Letná to Šárka

From our house to one of our favorite parks in Prague, Šárka. A comfortable ride which can be done either as one trip, or it can be split into two pieces. It will guide you through the map via figure eight, so if you are not sure whether you want to do the whole thing, it may be advisable to start somewhere around point 15 in Hanspaulka area. You will be passing through there twice.

You can find a parking spot somewhere around National Technical Museum (http://www.ntm.cz/ if you never visited, this may be time to go) and start from there going across Letná without going down and up through point 2 and avoid crossing several steps. However, this ride gives you a nice changing perspective view of the Old Town and view of the Metronom from below. At point 3 you can stop to see the new statue of the famous Czech Queen, Maria Theresa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Theresa). At point 7 you will pass a garden with a lot of interesting artifacts – if you are lucky and see somebody in the garden, you can ask them what is it about and Mr. Lipus or Mr. Novák will explain that it is a depository of the Umprum (Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, https://www.umprum.cz/web/en/) and they may even give you a tour. Many of the famous sculptures were created here like the statue on Vitkov hill.

Another interesting place you may visit is just around the corner at point 9. It is the cultural center “Klubovna”, which is bar and place for happenings, concerts, etc. (http://www.klubovna.povalec.cz/). After crossing Evropská street you will be passing through the complex of academic buildings and at point 12 you may enjoy the view at the Technical library, a new bridge between the buildings of the University of Chemical Technology (https://www.vscht.cz/), and if you pay attention for the small red item, the bench of Václav Havel (https://www.spottedbylocals.com/prague/bench-of-ferdinand-vank/). Václav Havel benches are placed all over the world (https://www.vhlf.org/havel-in-the-world/havels-place-2/).

As soon as you enter the Natural Park Šárka after point 15, you may be accompanied by people biking and walking in groups, because this is quite a popular place for Prague inhabitants. From point 20 up to point 29 the number of people diminishes dramatically.

After point 31 you will be passing the restaurant “U Matěje” (https://www.umateje1.cz/), one of the best and not very expensive restaurants in Prague. At point 34 you will arrive at the ruin of “Baba” with the unusual Prague panorama. After that, the trip will bring you through the Stromovka back to your starting point. At point 37 you may take a look at the freshly renovated “Šlechtova restaurace” or have a coffee at “Šlechtovka” (https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%A0lechtova_restaurace).

https://en.mapy.cz/s/logenajube 32 km, 415 m elevation gain

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