Amerika Kanada and Mexiko

In the cold and wet weather, this was only for dedicated e-bikers like us. The problem was wet mud from the start up to point 5. At point 4 you will have to climb down a very short but steep and slippery part and another one a little bit further. After point 5 it was smooth sailing mostly on reasonable forest roads.

During the trip you will see several memorable locations. The first is Velká Amerika (Big America), an abandoned quarry with a nice lake. Entry to a lake is forbidden, but you can, believe me. Swimming in the crystal clear water of this lake nude is truly something. This lake is connected by the tunnel to another abandoned quarry with a lake called Mexiko. I walked through that tunnel once and I do not recommend the experience! Mexiko was also called Prisoner’s quarry, it was actually one of the worst communist labor camps in the early 50’s. However, the view from the top is remarkable. Next, you can peek into the active quarry at point 5 (Kanada), where your mud suffering for this ride will end. At point 6 is another quarry lake, Malá Amerika (Small America), which you may miss if you do not pay attention. At point 9 we visited the Bubovice waterfalls, which do not have any water. You could only imagine that it might have been nice when the water was running through it.

Even though on the map this area is marked “No entry for bicycles”, you will not see any physical signs to this effect. just marked everything inside of this natural reserve Karlštejn as bicycle inaccessible. km, 369 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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