Dolní Břežany

Dolní Břežany is a village just next to the city limits of Prague. It seems to be an up and coming prosperous area with a lot of very modern and comfortable neighborhoods. Dolní Břežany is the location of world importance due to two super modern laser centers (HiLASE and ELI beamlines) which were funded by the European Union. In 2018 the “Building of the year” title was given to futuristic sports stadium here.

Finding parking was not a problem, you can park as we did next to the sports stadium, or at the nice parking next to the very artsy modern graveyard at point 11. You can also start your ride at point 9, just under the steepest part of the trip.

The ride is very comfortable, especially the dedicated biker’s paths from Břežany to Libeň (start to 3 – part of cycle route 19A) and from Vrané to Zbraslav (8 to 9 – part of cycle route A2). However, there is a part that requires some attention. From 6 to 7 you will be going downhill on a narrow path and you will have to cross a little stream several times. From 9 to 10 you will be very glad that you have an electric bike and using the lowest possible gear. At point 10 you still will feel like you had a good exercise. After point 10 it is smooth sailing with nice views across the very steep Břežanské valley on the left. You should visit the new graveyard at point 11. We would clearly consider spending our life afterlife (eternity) right there. 20 km, 220 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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