Benátky nad Jizerou

This would be a nice ride if the path would be covered with snow or just mud. However, combination with icy patches made this trip a little treacherous. We had been involuntarily “debiked” several times and came back to the car with a lot of extra mud everywhere.

Starting point we found at the village Sojovice close to the new bridge over Jizera river. The plan of this trip included three points where we could have cross the river and turn back if the biking would seem too tricky. However, the worst part seemed to be at the farthest point of the trip, in the town of Benátky nad Jizerou, where the stretch of about 200 m was covered with the sheer ice with no way around it. (Of course, we could have turned back and try another way through the town, but we pushed through it anyway.) A clear warning sign was a bicyclist laying on the ground and trying frantically to get up and collect her things scattered around. And as you may expect, some of us ended on the ground as well. Luckily, nothing got broken then, and neither on several other occasions before we got back to our car.

If you are interested in geocaching, you should try to find the one in Předměřice. We always admire those caches which show creativity of the author. (The most creative one we found on another trip in obora Hvězda in Prague.) For the refreshment we can recommend the “Cukrárna Fiala” in Benátky. 25 km 120 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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