Lužec – Mělník Circle

We returned to this area to check the new bridge for bikers over Vltava river in the village of Lužec. Last year we took the boat across the river at the same place and the operator told us that we are almost the last people going by boat since the bridge will be opening soon. And yes, it is open and looks great. The starting point in Lužec is very reasonable as the parking can be found easily there. But it may be also due to the fact that it was still winter weather.

The only parts which were difficult were two straight flat stretches between points 3 and 5, which were covered with a lot of slippery mud. (Actually, it was a good part of the trip, as it prompted us to buy the pressure washer, which made cleaning the bikes afterward almost fun. We were inspired by watching “Eco Challenge Fiji”, where the competitors fought a lot of mud all the time.) You probably can choose a different route after a rain. Another part with a lot of puddles was between points 8 and 10, but the interesting part was only guessing how deep the puddle will be.

Between points 6 and 7 you can follow the path along the river, but for some reason does not let us map it. The road between 7 and 8 is very busy, so be careful! At point 15 you will be able to choose the crossing over the lock on the Vltava canal after the reconstruction will finish. If it is not done yet, you can just follow the canal along the bank on a bumpy path up to the newly constructed bridge at 17.

Interesting points on the path: (i) War memorial in Obříství, (ii) Štěpánský most over Labe, the cultural monument of Czech Republic, (iii) agricultural operation in Kly at point 10, which looks like the picture from the communist past, (iv) Boat junkyard in Hadík, (v) promenade in Mělník with garden colony on the left and High school of gardening (Gardening Academy) and Pet memorial on the right (points 12 to 13) with views on the castle and Vltava-Labe merge. 28.6 km, 73 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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