Two rides around Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is one of the most popular destinations in Czech Republic. For that reason we recommend not going there in the high tourist season. But just in case you will go there, May or June may be perfect. If you want to splurge on accommodation, you can stay in a fancy hotel “Růže” (Rose) in the town center. Another option is to stay in one of the many pensions in town. We stayed at a very reasonable hostel “Krumlov House & WriteAway Retreat” 150 meters away from the center (yes, Krumlov is very small town). This hostel is run by a very friendly Canadian couple, who bought it as a ruined bakery and restored it into a very stylish old fashioned house.

You will walk through the whole town in a short time, but we can guarantee that if you try another walk another day, you will still discover new sights. Lot of people are always watching tourists in canoes and all kinds of boats waiting for them to flip over in a weir in the middle of the town. Of course we took a boat through this town as well, luckily, we did not cause any public amusement. Actually, the weir in the town center was recently renovated, so those scenes are not that common nowadays. And, for sure you should watch the sunset in Krumlov, if you miss it, you can watch it in our timelapse on YouTube.

Parking in Krumlov is quite tricky, but your hostel may arrange something for you. The second map shows the start at a parking lot close to the boat rental place, where you can park a little easier. Our rides around Krumlov had quite a bit of elevation gain, in the first case almost 1000 meters. So, in our case we had to watch the battery situation and as soon as the heavier rider reaches 50%, he would switch the battery with the more athletic biker. In this way, both arrive at the destination with almost empty “tank”. It is also a good idea to study the elevation profile to know whether the end of the ride will be up or down. For example, in the second trip, after 15 km, the rest of the ride was basically downhill, so we did not have to worry about the battery at all.

All bike paths we used were well maintained and no special caution is needed. Mountain bikes were really not necessary here. A good spot for refreshments is the pension Hubert at point 6 on the first map (you will be passing by if you would use the second map as well). The second map will bring you to the top of Klet´, the highest point around here. There is also a friendly restaurant for the tired masses of tourist on bikes. On the way down we lead you through the military exercise area Boletice, which may be closed if there are any maneuvers in progress – quite an unlikely case. Note you have to stay on the road and not wander around the fields. 43 km, almost 1 km elevation gain. To see these rides in context, check our interactive maps.

Kleť 41 km 705 m elevation gain

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