Davle – Jílové circle

We like this area and we started a couple of our hikes in Davle before we were completely turned into E-bikers. We had our regular bikes before, but this area seemed too challenging for us. However with E-MTB nothing seems out of reach anymore. However, for this particular ride we would not recommend a regular road bike, mountain bike is a must.

By the way, Davle became quite famous during 1968, when American filmmakers were shooting here the movie “The Bridge at Remagen” during the summer when Russians invaded Czechoslovakia. Russians used the situation to prove that Czechoslovakia was actually invaded by Americans – “just look at the tanks, these are not Russian tanks!”

We found very convenient parking spot on the bank of Vltava river. The first part of the trip seems to be a simple flat ride, but that will change very quickly after point 2. After climbing the first hill, the road is quite nice combination of regular and forest roads up to the point 4. Between 4 and 5 you will be on a very narrow path with a very short visibility ahead. And bikers are coming against you, sometimes with a significant speed. And after a heavy rain this part could be just fight through some muddy stretches. At point 5 make sure that you don’t miss the turn to the left – and you will be glad you have E-MTB, as the path goes steep uphill. But it is still nothing in comparison with the part 7 to 8. There you will really test your skills – make sure that you are at the lowest gear before you leave the regular road for this green tourist mark path. If you don’t feel like challenging yourself, you can continue on the regular road and turn to the right at the level of point 8.

If you don’t want to visit the center of Jílové, you can continue from 9 straight to 12. But if you did not visit this town yet, continue to point 11. There you can see that this town was quite rich due to the gold mining in the surrounding hills in the past. Actually for over 2000 years. And you can also visit the stylish restaurant Florian. We checked their menu and we were very happy with their selection.

After Jílové you will eventually join the red tourist mark and the road will become pretty steep and very bumpy after a little village Obora. At point 13 you will be passing through the osada Hawaii, started at the beginning of the last century. (We were writing about “the tramping movement” and history of building “osadas” earlier.) Between 13 and 2 you will be crossing little streams, so be ready to get a little wet.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/cuhelarose, 29 km, 458 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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