Once we were in southern Moravia to explore the last national park of Czechia, Podyjí, we had to stop in Brno. We stayed overnight here and enjoyed the taste of the nightlife in this Moravian metropolis. The main square “Náměstí svobody” (Liberty square) was really alive on this Saturday night with the political parties trying to get everybody’s vote in the next week’s election. And, of course, we visited Špilberk, famous castle, fortress, and prison of Brno.

And certainly, we could not miss doing a little ride in one of the popular outskirts. To start the ride, we found a super small parking lot for just three cars in Obřany. After a downhill ride to join the red tourist mark path we were going through road work. You can avoid this bumpy part by crossing to the other side of the river Svitava following the bike path number 5, but then you would miss the model railroad in the garden at the point 2. You will join the bike path after crossing Svitava in about 2km anyway. At point 3 you will be passing the memorial to the famous poet S.K. Neumann, who was, by the way, one of the founders of the Prague Esperanto Club. (By the way, the first Esperanto Club in Austro-Hungarian Empire was founded in Brno. And not very far from Brno, in Svitavy, you can find the museum of Esperanto.) At point 4 you may visit the memorial to Liduška. This is where a baby girl was found in the middle of the forest by another famous writer Rudolf Těsnohlídek. In continuation of meeting famous people on this ride, at point 5 you will see the memorial to Josef Ressel, the inventor of a ship’s propeller.

Even though most of the ride is on nice forest paths, the stretch from 7 to 8 is on the regular road. So, if you want to avoid this part, you can shorten the trip by continuing from 6 to 12. Another interesting part is the long bridge across the railway station in Maloměřice. This bridge is, unfortunately, used also by horses… 24.4 km, 390 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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