Ládví, Prague

There are still little rides in Prague that we did not completely documented. This one is a combination of perfect bike paths and challenging struggles. We start again from Letná, where finding parking is easy. After riding through Stromovka, you cross the new bridge over Vltava and continue straight to go around the botanical garden. When you peel off the street Pod Havránkou, quickly switch gears and use a lot of battery power. You will need it up to the point 4. At this point you will pass the homeless camp on the right, so we don’t recommend to stop for the rest there. What you gained in elevation up to here you will loose very quickly from 6 to 8. Path from 6 to 7 can be very slippery after the rain, so be careful.

Point 8 to 9 is the perfect bike path, but it could be very busy during weekend. At point 9 you should not miss the turn to the right and your adventure will start. From around point 10 do not try to follow the pedestrian path with your bike, but do not hesitate and ride through the stream. Yes, you can get a little wet, depending on your skills and speed. However, the most challenging is the piece between point 14 and 15 (see the title picture). It is rideable with a lot of caution and attention to pedestrians and bikers riding downhill.

After going through the park at Ládví (with the tiny natural preserve close to the point 18), check out the observatory at point 20. We never knew about this observatory. If you mention observatory and Prague, everybody will point you to observatory at Petřín hill. After nice ride downhill from 21 and quite tricky crossing Zenklova street, you may make a little side trip to point 24. For riding from 22 to 23 you may need to open a little gates, but they should not be locked during day time. At the viewpoint 24 you will enjoy completely different Prague panorama, showing again that the Prague Castle is not on the top of the highest hill.

From 25 to 26 you will be on quite busy bike path again. And after crossing the bridge the last little exercise uphill to the finish.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/helococapa, 33 km, 327 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.


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