Drahanské Valley – Winter walk

We walk and rode through this area many times. So it was a simple choice when we had a little window with predicted sunshine (based on the amazing application windy.com) to go here and walk this loop. You can drive to Čimice and park at the street K Mlýnu, or you can go by bus (145, 152, or 202) to station Čimice. At the start of the loop, you will walk through probably the most beautiful alley in Prague. This alley is special, it is a windbreaker. It does not have only two rows of trees like normal alleys, it actually has three or up to five rows of trees on both sides. The alley is constantly pushed by the wind and so you have the opportunity to listen to the constant rustle of leaves. However, you should visit this alley soon. It may be heavily damaged or completely destroyed by the building of the Prague circle highway, which is planned to go right through the center of this unique piece of nature.

After passing through the alley, you have a choice to go steep downhill from 2 to 5 or go through point 3. We tried 2 to 5 and we can strongly recommend avoiding it when the ground is muddy or covered with ice. Drahanské údolí (3 to 8) is a very desirable location for building a weekend cottage or even a regular house in the middle of an area defined as a natural park. Up to point 6 you can expect even car traffic, but from 6 to 8 it is close to wilderness. Between 6 and 7 you can walk on a narrow path, but if you want to use a bike, you must ride through the little stream (as we have shown in our earlier blog).

At about point 7, pay attention to the right side of the creek. You may find a sculpture of a fallen angel (Angel of Anger) of the artist Kristýna Kužvartová. As the sign says “Entry only for the brave” (Vstup pouze pro odvážné).

Rather steep uphill section 8 to 9 is fine in most of the weather conditions, but once we were struggling through this part when the path was covered with slippery ice. The rest of the walk leads you through the fields with nice views and through another natural park Čimické údolí.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/jazebevado 6.1 km. To see this walk in context, check our interactive maps.

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