Písty Flower Forest

At this time of the year, it is kind of hard to believe that you can visit endless fields of flowers in full bloom. But, you have to know where to go. A little forest next to the tiny village of Písty is the place to go. And the middle of March is the time to go.

If you start your ride at the unofficial parking lot close to the entrance of the forest in Písty, you should pay attention to both sides of the road close to point 2. In this natural forest, bledule flowers are everywhere. The best way to illustrate the word “everywhere” is to watch the video. Bledule jarní (Spring snowflake) is a slightly endangered plant, and it can be found in Czechia in such numbers only in this location. Of course, it is impossible not to step on any of these delicate flowers, but try to be gentle… A little later in April, the same location will be full of Česnek medvědí (Bear garlic), the leaves of which really taste like garlic. At that time the forest will be full of people with baskets and bags collecting these green leaves for their kitchen uses.

Following our map will lead you through Budyně nad Ohří with its nice water castle and along Ohře through the natural park Dolní Poohří. You can visit the castle Libochovice, where one of the most important Czech scientists, Jan Evangelista Purkyně, was born. Or just take a break in any restaurant in Libochovice.

This ride has an interesting altitude profile with only one steep incline and a very pleasant downhill ride. At point 7 you may watch a working miniature watermill and another location with Spring snowflake. During the ride, you will be given the opportunity to see the silhouette of the ruin of castle Hazmburk, the icon of this area.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/nuhuhebere 33.9 km 155 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

2 thoughts on “Písty Flower Forest

  1. Po přečtení názvu jsem si hned vyhledal Písty a dostal jsem se k Nymburku, kde je zajímavá písečná duna z třetihor. Kolikrát jsme jeli po levém břehu Labe a měli ji pár metrů od nosu. Takže při nejbližší příležitosti hr na ni. Ovšem ty Písty ve Středohoří taky stojí za to. Zdá se, že kraj s chmelem vás nechce pustit😊.

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