Kralupy – Klecany Loop

Let’s start this trip in Kralupy at the place of a very unusual statue. Yes, it is the statue of a fictional character, Czech national hero, The good soldier Švejk, and no, it is not an unusual part of the display. The unusual part you may miss is on the ground next to the bench leg. Let’s say that it is the statue of the fly… Švejk was selling stolen dogs and maybe he did not clean up their mess. If you arrived here by train, you should still make sure that you visit this place.

The first part of the ride is following the river Vltava upstream on the east side and is quite easy up to point 4. From there the path becomes quite narrow and in places very close to the sharp edge above the river below. Pay attention to the potential riders going in the opposite direction. From 5 to 7 you will be going through the national natural reserve Větrušické rokle (ravines) – where the entry beyond the marked route is strictly forbidden. By the way, if you would be coming in the opposite direction, you will certainly not miss the sign that “this is not a bike path” and that you are entering at your own risk.

After passing through the town of Řež with the famous Institute of Nuclear Research, you will arrive in the village of Klecánky and you will be able to cross the river by ferry. You can return to Kralupy the same way, or by the train from Roztoky, or you can follow our lead on the other side of the river. 17 km. To see these rides in context, check our interactive maps.

This side of the river is quite different. On your right hand side you may see the goats living on the long island in the river. After a short ride along the river you will turn sharply to the right at point 2 and climb uphill to Levý Hradec, where stood the original original Přemyslid’s settlement from the 10th century. So at point 3 you should turn right to explore this historical site. This will also give you an opportunity to visit Medová Kavárna (Honey Café), an excellent family enterprise where the products are made using home-made honey. Unfortunately, you would have to be there on Saturdays and Sundays between 2 and 6 pm.

At point 8 you should turn to the right to make a quick trip to Řivnáč, a location of another ancient settlement. From there you will see nice panorama of the Vltava turn around Řež. Another opportunity for a nice view is at point 11. However, you may consider leaving your bike before reaching the view point and walk the last part. After arriving at point 12, you must decide whether you want to continue the trip the hard way or just take it easy. The easy way would be to turn to the left and joining the bike path 0082, which would lead you through Tursko back to Kralupy. However, if you want to suffer with us, you would go downhill to point 14. (At point 13 you may still change your mind and take a ferry to Řež and finish your ride following the red tourist mark back to Kralupy.)

The worst part of the ride is from point 15 to 16. The path is extremely narrow and in parts we just walked the bikes. At several places you will be basically touching Vltava river. After climbing the stairs at 16, you will be riding a narrow path next to the train tracks to point 18. Note the rock wall on the left side. You can see there a lot of rock climbers. From point 21 you can either follow the bike route 0080, of green tourist mark back to start or the train station. 23 km 190 m elevation gain

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