Jenštejn Loop

This was a simple ride through open fields and along the river. We started in Jenštejn, a little village with a castle ruin. Jenštejn was founded in 1336, but in 1600 was abandoned and never repaired.

If you are lucky, you may see the professional model airplane show at point 2. And if you are super lucky, you may see a kayaking competition at point 3. At point 4, you should follow the sign and just walk your bike down the ramp. After that, you will enjoy a super smooth bike path along the Labe river. There are parts that are not smooth at all – it was so bumpy the chain popped right off on Polly’s bike.

After point 5 you will be riding on a narrow path through the fields and forest. Pay attention at point 6 – there is a nasty short metal post sticking out of the ground in the middle of the path. After you turn away from the river at Lázně Toušeň, you will be riding on a dedicated bike path with gates designed to allow through only one biker at a time. After point 9 you will be passing through the edge of Radonice. If you would be ready to break for lunch, this is the place to stop. Go to Radonice and look for Radonická Beseda, the only restaurant in Czechia where they know how to make French fries.

When you arrive at Satalice, do not miss the Chapel of Saint Anna. This chapel was founded by Countess Šporková to commemorate the fortunate delivery of her baby in a pub close to this spot 300 years ago. Saint Anna is the saint patron of childbirth. At point 12 you should not miss some interesting sandstone carvings on the right-hand side of the path.

From point 13 to 15 you can use the path marked by the red tourist mark, but be extremely careful as the path is pretty narrow and slippery. If you would be riding here on the weekend, you should probably follow the map as there may be many people walking on this narrow path. 36 km, 170 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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