Labské Pískovce and Sněžník

Even though this ride is on the border with Germany, it is not much more than an hour’s drive from Prague. We started at the small village Sněžník, which is ready for a lot of tourists coming from both sides of the border. Parking is abundant at the starting point, but if you don’t want to pay, you can find the spot a little farther.

First of all, you have to climb to the top of Děčínský Sněžník with its signature view tower. (An interesting fact – this is where the first TV broadcast in the country was received in the summer of 1936 – from the Berlin Olympic games.) We did not climb the tower as the view from the edge of the cliff was quite spectacular already. After that, you will enjoy a very long ride downhill to point 8. With the exception of parts 6 to 7 (freshly surfaced road with lots of loose stones), the ride is very smooth. Then the uphill part starts all the way to point 11. At that point, you can turn left and ride back to where you started. You could also spare yourself that ugly part through the beautiful forest 6 to 7 by taking a shortcut 5 to 10, but then you would miss the nice uphill valley ride from 8 to 9.

If you continue to point 14, you will park your bikes and enter the most spectacular walk through Tiské stěny (Tisza rocks). It will become quickly very clear that you may have seen this place already. Yes, you probably did – The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed here. You have two choices of walks through this place. We took half of the loop following the diagonal green mark and returned through the top of the rocks following the horizontal green mark. Strongly recommended! And we also can recommend the refreshments in the restaurant at the entrance to the rocks. By the way, there are many sandstone formations in the Czech Republic, and we have written about them earlier (Czech Switzerland, Czech Paradise, Adršpach), but this we consider the top one – maybe because there are no hordes of tourists like in the other ones. 36 km, 670 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.


One thought on “Labské Pískovce and Sněžník

  1. Nerikal jsem to. Labske piskovce-nadhera. A ze nejsou turisti. Velka mylka. V kvetnu to zacina. Davy turistu a lezcu. Ale nevadi. Meli jsme zakladnu v Tise. Doporucuju. Potom jsme jeste pobyli v Decine. Sifarske mesto. Labe je obziva a uz pekne tece. Podle fotky bikera v pruhovanym svetru se da soudit, ze kam vyleze lezec, tam vyjede i baterka😄

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