Hradec Králové

Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered what time it was taken? Well, it doesn’t matter because what’s important is the memories you make. And that’s exactly what we did on our bike ride from Hradec Kralove to Jaromer.

The journey was smooth sailing, with nothing eventful happening. However, we did stumble upon a hidden geocache high up in a tree, which we managed to retrieve by pulling the strings. It was definitely the highlight of the trip!

We also came across a bridge over Labe that was reminiscent of the works of Gaudi. It was stunning and definitely worth stopping for a quick photo-op.

Although we embarked on this journey back in 2015, we’re confident that not much has changed and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable ride. Whether you’re an e-biker or a traditional biker, this route is perfect for you – no need for a mountain bike! 43 km, negligible elevation gain

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