Boží Dar – Abertamy

We visited Boží Dar earlier and decided to make another trip to the top of Krušné hory. The surroundings of Boží Dar are beautiful in any season and this was a little later in the year. We think that May or June is an optimal time given its popularity. Boží Dar is very busy in the winter and can be pretty busy during school holidays in summer.

This ride started at a large parking lot at the edge of the town, where you have to pay for parking. To find free parking in this small town is very difficult since every open space is reserved for one of the many pensions.

You will be using a very new bike path starting from Boží Dar, but quite a bit of this ride will lead you onto the local asphalt roads. A short stretch will be on a slightly busy road after Abertamy before you turn to the right to visit Plešivec with the hotel and lookout tower which was built in 1895. If you are much younger than we are, and inclined to some crazy downhill rides on your bike, this is the place to try your skills. There are several trails for different levels…but we did not dare. After Plešivec you will be riding mostly on the forest roads back to Boží Dar. Part of this circle is called Ježíškova cesta (Baby Jesus trail) which is decorated with quite interesting wood-carved statues (see pictures below) by local artists. You do not need a mountain bike for this ride, the regular bike would be fine. But 600 m elevation gain would be too much for us without electric bikes.,  32.5 km,  610 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.



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