Chico to Dailey Lake – Testing Bike

When we saw this strange E-bike for rent in Chico Hot Springs, we had to test it. So, we took it for a little ride.

At first, it was a funny feeling sitting so low and not having a chance to switch gears, but after a while, we appreciate the comfort of the seat, especially if we decided to go lazy and use the throttle just to ride it as a motorcycle. This was our first bike ride on a bike with balloon tires and it was super comfortable on the bumpy roads around here.

At about halfway to point 2, you may see the inconspicuous turn to the right. There is no sign, but it is the entrance to the Yellowstone film studio, actually, the western village looking picture perfect. If you would be lucky and get an invitation to visit this place, do not hesitate even for a second. You can see the pictures below, absolutely authentic 19th-century wild west.

At point 2 you can find the house covered with old license plates, quite a sight. Take a picture and return to the dirt road leading to Dailey Lake. There you can take a quick bath and swim, but unfortunately, you will have to go back the same way you came. We tried to connect back to the River road hugging Yellowstone river, but even though the map shows the road as passable, we hit the closed gate. and had to return.

So, back at point 3, you may decide to go for a little loop through points 6 and 7. Make sure that you have enough battery life because from point 7 to the end it is a long uphill stretch. And if you still have some power, you can turn to point 8 and run a little loop with beautiful views to both sides of the valley, with Emigrant Peak on the left and Fridley Peak on the right. And if you did not have a chance to visit Yellowstone film studios, you will have a chance to see it from distance.

We were using the battery quite conservatively and we ended up with some spare electricity. We were even able to run the long uphill stretch from 7 to 8 using the motorcycle mode.,  44 km,  559 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.




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