Stromovka and Letní Letná – Prague

When we come back to Prague, the first ride leads us to Stromovka or Královská obora (Royal game preserve), the park which was not founded but greatly improved by Rudolf II, the Holy Roman Emperor, in 16th century. Riding through this park is very pleasant, especially in the summer evenings with sun setting over majestic trees and light breeze coming from the greatly improved ponds, based on the Rudolf II design and amazing engineering bringing water from Vltava through the Letná massive by the long tunnel – Rudolfova štola. We are not going to present any maps today, just ride through the park in any zig-zagging way and enjoy yourself. If you feel like going for a drink, do not go anywhere else but to the pub “Lokál” (the name actually means “pub” in Czech), where they know how to properly draw “šnyt” of Pilsner Urquell. And once you left Stromovka for Lokál, you may continue to a lazy ride on Letná, where you can actually right now meet several international circus troups participating in the annual circus festival Letní Letná

For more rides around this area (or if you are missing our maps) you can check our earlier postings, for example this, this, this or many others. (For learning about the Prague neighborhoods, check the video created by our friend, the famous video blogger Jen of Prague.)

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