Buštěhrad, Lidice, Kladno

Very uneventful ride on a nice spring day. Parking was easy next to the playground on a quiet street in Buštěhrad, a nice small town with quite a rich history. If you have never been to Lidice, you should visit the memorial to the victims of the terror of the WWII, especially the children’s memorial which is downhill and left from the point 3. This memorial should remind everybody that the similar war crimes are committed right now by Putin’s army not more than 1000 km away from Prague. If you don’t want to repeat the history of WWII, please, help Ukraine in any way you can!

At point 5 do not try to be smart and continue on the path on top of the wall, it ends with a fence. From point 6 you will be finally on pleasant forest roads basically all the way to point 18. And on the way you can pick up the geocaching series “Po stopách Jonathana” by paní Kadrnožková, or geocache dedicated to the history of totally delapidated and overgrown natural theater Barre.

At point 13 you can try the pumptrack Nad Oleškou. We did not try it as it was too wet and we did not feel like cleaning bikes from all the mud. From 14 to 15 you can just cross the road as pedestrians instead of taking the roundabout. At point 17 you can continue straight instead following our path downhill which is probably the only slightly challenging part of this trip. After turning right at the pond of Ota Pavel, named after one of Michal’s favorite Czech writers, be ready for a steep uphill from 21 to 22.

https://en.mapy.cz/s/fekebuzapo 34 km, 320 m elevation gain. To see this ride in context, check our interactive maps.

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  1. Před lety mi někdo vychvaloval okruh kolem Kladna. Myslel jsem, že se zbláznil. Chyba. Od té doby to často jezdíme. Zastávka v Lidicích člověka probere z netečnosti. V Kamenných Žehrovicích si občas odskočíme do Lán. Stojí to za to. Jde to rychle tam a zpět, je tam nová cyklostezka po bývalé železnici. Na závěr kvíz: Odkud přesně pochází Jarda Jágr?🙄

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