Nový Knín

Waterfall Lecice

Not much went according to the plan on this E-bike trip. Not even one km into the trip Polly tore the tire and punctured the inner tube. Fortunately we had a spare and luckily the tire held for the rest of the trip. Then we got lost and had to walk along a freshly plowed field and through a non-rideable forest uphill. Again, the planned route was not rideable, so we had to improvise and find better way for you. But close to the end we found our luck at the place where the map said that there is only a ford. There was actually a primitive but solid pedestrian bridge over the quite wild stream of Kocába and we were happy to not get wet. We submitted several changes to which were immediately accepted and will be seen in the next maps update.

You can start at the small parking lot close to Kocába stream, or on the main square of Nový Knín. As soon as you leave the village, you will realize that this trip is planned for mountain bikes only. The part to point 2 is quite a challenging uphill struggle, where you have to choose your path super carefully. We lost the way at the point 3 and rejoined the route between point 4 and 5, so we cannot comment on anything between 3 and 4. At point 8 do not even think about following the green tourist mark – it ends in the middle of very spiky shrubs and the path completely disappears. Just cross the meadow to point 10. There you will see the sign “Do not enter the forest”, so do not enter the forest, stay on the path… From point 12 we planned to follow a red tourist mark, but that path is totally unpassable due to downed trees. Obviously, somebody is working on cleaning the path, so maybe in couple of weeks it would be OK to follow this path to point 14 in the village of Buš. If you decide to try the red mark, you will miss the Ranch in Buš (Ranč v Buši) at point 13, where you can try your skills in horseback riding (but only if you have your horse staying there).

Just in case you are hungry at this point, there is an excellent restaurant called U Váňů in Buš (if you mention our blog they may give you 10% discount) – but only Wednesday to Sunday. If you need to charge your bike battery or your cell phone you can do that any day of the week just next to the pub. You can also admire the art piece Vltava, or find the geocache vodník.

After passing through village of Slapy, you can decide to try the Trailpark Slapy to test your riding skills. We were tempted, but with the excuse of the tire situation (see above), we did not go for it. Next time we will! Just before the point 26 you may be tempted to take a shortcut straight through the forest, if the road is blocked by a huge truck, but don’t do it, or you may end up walking through the deep mud like us.

In Malá Lečice you can follow the road to point 31, or go uphill to see the statue of goddess Diana and enjoy a scary ride downhill 30 to 31. Do not miss the waterfall in Lečice – it is very nice this time of the year with a good flow from the Kocába. At point 37 we were lucky to find a primitive metal bridge to cross the stream and followed the water back to the start of our E-bike trip. 31 km, 670 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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  1. Cau, nedívím se problémům na té vaší cestě😀. Jezdíme trasu každoročně(někdy 2x, jaro a podzim) podél Kocáby ze Staré Huti přes Nový Knín do Štěchovic, potom Davle a do Prahy(2 možnosti). Kocába je super, bohužel každý rok je míň a míň zachovalá. Příroda jde očividně kukat. Tak nezbývá než často do sedla😀.

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