Riding around The Netherlands

Well, if you would like to find out how is riding your bike in Holland, rent a boat, put the bikes on board and every evening after mooring, get a bike and ride around. At least that was what we did… And you will see this beautiful country from the canals and from the best bike paths in the world. But you should learn about how to bike in Holland – there are pretty strict rules! And steep fines for bikers as well. However, nobody wears a helmet – so you recognize foreigners pretty quickly. And talking about speed, yes, the locals ride fast! And they have roundabouts even for the bicyclists…

So, just in case here are some maps… We do not specify the elevation gain, it is usually 2 or 3 meters. Your highest point may be 2m and lowest -1m above (below) sea level.


Try to get lost in the beautiful park between 3 and 7…


Reasonable restaurant at point 4.


Riding through Utrecht is a delight for all senses…


A great selection of restaurants at point 2.



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