Brdy – The Kingdom of Digitalis

Yes, Brdy mountain range is taken over during June by Digitalis purpurea, called Náprstník červený in Czech. So, if you want to see fields and fields of flowering Digitalis, this is the time to go to Brdy. You cannot miss them, they are everywhere.

We started this E-bike ride at the convenient parking lot at the top of the mountain range above Mníšek pod Brdy. After visiting the beautiful area of Skalka (pay attention to very stony downhill from 2 to 4 – you may even just walk a part of this descend) and looking down from the viewpoint at point 5, we returned to the red tourist mark road all the way to point called Červený kříž (red cross). There we departed from the usual path on red and followed the yellow mark. However, we have to warn you, the part from 9 to 10 is for skilled riders only. If you don’t want to go through that torture, you can stay on red mark and get to the point 13 by following the green mark downhill from the crossing behind hilltop Vrážky.

The part 13 to 15 is our favorite stretch in Brdy. You will ride on northern slope of Brdy and you will probably meet only couple of riders, unlike on the top red marked path. At point 15 you will be faced with a long uphill trip which will turn into a wide asphalt road originally built to serve the military compound Klondajk, where the top secret missile silos were located during the cold war era. Nowadays, the compound houses The Center of Applied Research.

After you depart from the reasonable road and go downhill to 16, you will have to endure very bumpy path to 17. After that stretch you may stop at the restaurant Na Čunčí at point 18, famous for a great kitchen. After you ride you can stop at Mníšek for a coffee and cake at bakery Jarolímek (highly recommended). 33,5 km, 560 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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