Beroun and Nižbor

Riding through “green tunnels”, open fields, and along the river. There is plenty places to park your car in Beroun, or even coming by train from Prague and not having to look for parking. As usual, we were trying to avoid riding on regular roads, but in this case it was unavoidable.

The first off-road part is 2 to 4, Talichova stezka, named for the famous conductor Vaclav Talich. It is very narrow, but not very busy. From point 6 to 8 the path is very steep and narrow, so be very careful. From 10 to 12 you will be on a regular road enjoying wide landscape views.

We have to admit that we did not ride from 14 to 19 as shown on this map, but we believe that it is a better choice than riding on the main road which was pretty busy. So, please, if you would follow this suggested connection, let us know whether it was OK. After point 20 you will enjoy long ride downhill to 21. Then up and down over the hill to Žloukovice and along the river to Nižbor.

In Nižbor you can cross the river to restaurant Zastávka (Railway Station), to say hello to Mr. Tomáš Hanák, the Czech Paul Newman, the owner, and have an excellent lunch. (And as always, if you mention our blog, you can expect 10% discount.)

On the way back to Beroun, you can take a side trip uphill to point 28, Stradonické vodopády waterfalls. You have probably seen bigger waterfalls, but these waterfalls are very colorful. Rusty color is caused by iron oxide coming from the old mine shaft. 38.9 km, 622 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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