Mnichovice – Voděradské bučiny

One of our followers suggested that we go back to Voděradské bučiny and give it another look. Our earlier E-bike trip started from Jevany, but this time we found the parking lot on Masaryk square in Mnichovice. There was a little path overlap, but since we run it in the opposite direction, we did not even noticed that. Part of the trip you will follow Mikešova cesta (Mikeš’s path) named for the fictional character tom cat Mikeš, created by Josef Lada. Mikeš was and still is a popular book for children of all ages. Note that the sign for this “cesta” is written in a special “Lada font”, having a little flower at each character.

The path all the way to point 3 was perfect new bicycle path, obviously a favorite for bikers of all ages. After that it was a mix of forest roads and regular roads. The only difficult part was an underpass at point 4 and a narrow path between 10 and 11. From point 7 to 8 and back in direction to 9 you will be on a regular road for about 4 km.

Refreshment point you can find at Louňovice at point 6, or in Jevany at point 8, or at the “beach” in Struhařov (9). Parking lot of the restaurant U Huberta in Louňovice was full of bicycles ponies when we arrived, but when we were leaving there were more horses and ponies than bikes. But we prefer bikes, they don’t leave anything behind when they leave. 40 km, 460 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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