Suchdol to Velenice

A pleasant E-bike trip with no significant part on bumpy concrete panels that are so common around Třeboň. Finding a parking spot in Suchdol is not a big problem, in the worst case you can use the Penny’s parking and become a customer there.

We usually avoid regular roads, but it was inevitable here. However, traffic was very light. You will be riding along upper part of Lužnice, a very popular river for canoe folk. Trips down the river usually start at Suchdol, but if you are really hard core into canoeing, start from Nová Ves upstream. We did it only once and it was enough – it took forever and we made a nice hole in our canoe. Luckily, we had a roll of “duck” tape with us. You can see a sample of the Lužnice map below and you will understand the frustration – but it was beautiful.

From 3 to 7 you will be riding close to the border with Austria – this area was not accessible back before 1989, because you might be tempted to cross the border and never come back. Now, when you arrive in České Velenice, you may not even notice and cross into Austria, Gmund, by taking a right turn instead of left turn at point 4. This village had an interesting history – after the WWI, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire was broken into pieces, the new border was created in the middle of the town and curious situations resulted. For example, the Czech part did not have a cemetery and people dying there had to be buried in different country…

At point 6 you should not miss the view on the left – one of the largest sand pits we ever seen. And close to that place is a geocache reminding the partial mobilization in May 1938. And once you are in this area, you may later visit the town Heidenreichstein with its nice water castle. 50 km, 190 m elevation gain. To see this E-bike trip in context, check our interactive maps.

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